Swype®: A Yorkshire Success Defying Market Trends with 40% Growth

In a competitive market landscape, Swype®, a distinguished design and marketing agency from Yorkshire, has outperformed expectations with a 40% growth in the past 18 months. This growth is characterised by increased turnover, an expanded and diversified customer base, team growth, and a relocation to a new Head Office in Leeds, while retaining their presence in Sheffield.

The agency has received accolades such as the Clutch Global 1000 B2B Leaders, DNA Paris Design Awards 2023, the Global Web Excellence Awards 2023, and being named Yorkshire Prestige’s Branding Agency of the Year 2023/24. Additionally, Swype® has been featured in the Clutch Top 100 SEO Agencies and Creative Agencies in the UK.

Founder and Head of Digital, Wesley Ashton Holmes, remarked: “It’s been a challenging period for us but ultimately generating growth, enhancing our reputation and delivering an unbeatable service is what Swype® stands for.” Swype®’s comprehensive service range and unique delivery approach attract various businesses to their expertise.

Swype® offers a multi-disciplinary team specialising in Branding, Websites, and Digital Marketing, focused on a personalised and unified approach, unlike many of their competitors who often produce fragmented outcomes.

Wesley personally manages client relationships, ensuring bespoke and transparent services. The agency’s emphasis on results is evident in their impressive marketing campaign returns and advertising spend.

Swype® adopts a dynamic, adaptable strategy, evolving with clients’ aspirations and market shifts. Their diverse client portfolio across multiple sectors reflects their growing stature and achievements.

Wesley credits their growth to diligent work and an innovative, customer-centric approach. Swype® excels in Branding, Websites, SEO, and Paid Marketing, avoiding a diluted service spectrum.

Sheffield-born Wesley Ashton Holmes, who founded Swype® at 25, has led the business to significant creative and commercial success, supported by his qualifications from Sheffield Hallam University and the Digital Marketing Institute.

The diverse expertise and customer-oriented approach of the team have been pivotal in Swype®’s success. Looking forward, Swype® has ambitious plans, including a new London office, a US expansion, and a £1500 grant initiative for start-ups. They are also supporting a UK teeth whitening brand’s 2024 US market entry. To apply, contact the team on their website or email directly.