Solitaire Strategies: How to Play if You Aim to Win?

Eyeing for your upcoming solitaire game? Whether you are alone or with a buddy, enjoy this card game even more by winning fair and square! Winning a card game isn’t a piece of cake, much more if you are a newbie. But nothing to worry about because this blog will gear everything you need to learn about winning a solitaire game.

From the basic rules to all significant strategies, it’s time to unleash your awesome skills with this card game.

What is solitaire all about?

First and foremost, you need to know what solitaire is all about. Solitaire is probably one of the best-known Play Solitaire Online in the world. It’s the type of card game with rules that are almost known to everybody. Moreover, solitaire is often labelled as a patience game in European nations. But more than its associated term, solitaire is a true assessment of your patience as it encompasses a series of guesswork and practical moves.

So, what are the basic rules surrounding this popular card game?

Playing solitaire is easy but quite tricky. It can be played either on your computer or even with a physical deck of cards. Either way, these two methods follow the same rules. In a classic solitaire game, the main goal is to create four foundations―hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds―following the rank from ace to king. But before you get to create a foundation, you will be moving cards from one column to another, also following a sequence with king as the start.

Now that you know the basic guidelines, it’s time to learn some tips and gain some important strategies when playing solitaire―with an aim to win.

How to become a pro solitaire gamer?

  1. First of all, before you create any moves, make sure you release the first card from the deck. This way, you will have better options when moving the cards back and forth from the columns.
  2. There are certain cards in specific columns that may be unmovable. Remember that you can only transfer the card if it follows the correct card color and number. For example, a red king can be followed by a black queen.
  3. Card symbols aren’t significant when creating the sequenced columns. As a result, you can release and move cards in the columns as long as you keep track of the colors and numbers.
  4. Every time you uncover an ace card, always remember to transfer it directly to its specific foundation symbol.
  5. When playing online, once the computer detects that all cards are opened and transferred to its particular column in sequence, it will automatically move the cards to the foundation piles and you win the game! Plus, online solitaire often comes with a hint. Take advantage of this feature as well as the undo function to maximize your moves and chances of winning the game.
  6. Clearly, the best solitaire move is something that will unlock more cards and create more moves. So, if a move does not make any significant result, then better don’t transfer it. Always be mindful of your moves and don’t be too hasty.
  7. If you’ve got two options in moving a card to expose the card behind it, it’s highly recommended to choose the column with more number of hidden cards. With this, you have more chances of uncovering the cards and moving them properly.
  8. Another important strategy is choosing to move the cards in the column before releasing the card from the deck. If you’re wondering why, it’s because the cards in the deck are always available, which means it can be cycled back to your advantage later on. Plus, the cards on the deck are already visible compared to the concealed cards on the columns. But of course, you will only follow this strategy once you release the first-ever card from the deck, which is noted in the number 1 tip.
  9. Unless you have a king to occupy it, don’t leave a suit empty. If you don’t have a king yet, better make other significant moves. You can rearrange the existing suits, particularly those with smaller numbers so that you can easily move them to their specific foundation. This will also provide you with better moves as you transfer the cards continually.
  10. One important feature of a solitaire game is the unpredictability of winning. Yes, you read it right. Not all solitaire games are solvable, which means you may win or lose. Mainly, it depends on both luck and skills. So, if you are stuck with no more possible moves, then you’ve got two possibilities―it’s either you can undo some moves or start a new game because it’s simply unsolvable.

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For many centuries, playing solitaire has kept bored people busy and functional. So, if you want to spend your afternoon more practical and productive, pile your cards and get ready to play solitaire. Solitaire is something that will surely spice up your lazy days because the game itself is fun and exciting. Start from downloading Solitaire Masters app and see how your life will be changed for the better.

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