Here’s when you should call in sick at work

Here’s when you should call in sick at work

No human has any control over when and how they will fall sick. In most cases, your struggle with illness is unpredictable, but also unavoidable. If you are a working professional, you have the provision for sick leaves at work. 

Genuine reasons for calling in sick are generally serious enough to skip work and most employers comply with the absenteeism. Most employers in the USA are required to pay for the time off for sickness. Most flues are infectious and most employers grant leaves to prevent the spread. You can avail sick leaves and decide how long you will take for your treatment and recovery. Most absences end within seven days and the most common type of reasons are as follows:

  • Flu

Nearly half of all the USA working population have availed sick leave for the flu, sometime or the other. Be it a stomach flu or a respiratory flu, the disease is contagious and the influenza viruses infect the nose, throat, and sometimes the lungs.

Although an employee’s absence might affect the progress of a project for sometime, most employers understand that and allow the absence.

  •  Back pain

Employees with desk jobs often complain of back pain. It is a common reason for absence from work and employers don’t deny a leave of absence for medical assistance. It can result from some injury, activity, or some medical condition. Back pain can affect people of any age and for various reasons.

Other than the common modes of treatment, your general physician can prescribe a chiropractor for back pain if the pain is due to a problem in the nervous system and/or musculoskeletal system.

  • Indigestion

A sign of an underlying problem, indigestion can manifest itself in multiple ways, such as, ulcers or gallbladder disease. Also called dyspepsia, the condition can result in a persistent or recurrent pain or discomfort in the upper abdomen.

The symptoms of indigestion can include:

Stress increases the chances of indigestion and it can happen to people of any gender and age group.

  • Injury caused by accident

Accidents are a leading cause of injuries. From minor bruising to severe damage to tissues or organs, any injury can be painful and long lasting. Some injuries can be dealt with basic first-aid, while some require surgeries that last hours. In either case, a first aid kit can patch you through a medical emergency up until the professional help arrives.

If necessary, a company can even offer support by increasing the length of the sick leave or extend financial help required for recovery. 

Sometimes, the muscle or bone injury leaves its traces despite full recovery. In that case, chiropractic treatment from a Frederick MD Chiropractor can help.

  • Mental illness

The kind of mental illness and recovery might vary on a case–to–case basis. Be it depression or an unexpected episode of bipolar disorder, the recovery time might vary. 

Some cases of mental illness might make it difficult for an employee to work in the office environment. In which case, an employer might have to consider a remote-working opportunity. 

Workers suffering from mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and stress are most likely to withhold the truth from their managers. In which case, an employee should provide substantial documentation to prove the validity of their sickness.