8 Awesome Ideas To Hangout With Your Friends Online

The quarantine has greatly affected our daily lives and how we connect with other people. The most ideal way to hang out with your friends is through the power of the internet. With a little creativity, you can still have fun with your friends while social distancing. To help deal with cabin fever, here are some activities that you can do with your friends virtually. 

Watch A Movie Together

Forget about Netflix and Chill. Enjoy a good flick with your friends without leaving your homes. You can host a movie viewing with your friends in your free time. If you don’t have Netflix, you can check out how to watch movies with friends here that will surely give you ideas. Sync the movie with your friend’s screen using some movie websites or extensions. You can also set up a video or audio conference call during the movie so everyone can see each other’s reactions. 

Enjoy a Concert

A lot of artists have put up their performances and recordings of their concerts so people can watch it during the quarantine. You can do the same setup when hosting a movie viewing with your friends. To make it more fun, dress up for the occasion! No need to spend a thousand bucks to see the artist live. Simply plug in your computer or TV, set a call with your friends, then enjoy the e-concert. 

Create A Discord Server 

Discord is a communication app that a lot of people seem to enjoy using nowadays. Originally, You can create a Discord server with your friends. Create a voice channel or a text channel then start communicating with your friends. You can pop up in the voice channel if you are ready to talk to them. To make your server more fun, you can add a music bot or a game bot! Discord lets you host movie viewing parties as well! 

Play Online Games 

This is always a foolproof way to bond with other people. Aside from RPG games, you can check out some cute multiplayer games like Among Us. Kahoot and Scribble also a fun platform to host quiz nights. If you want to play some card games, you can go for Uno or Cards Against Humanity Online. You can also play Sims 4 Multiplayer to hang out with your friends virtually. 

Create Tiktok Videos Together

If you are feeling silly, download the app Tiktok and start creating content with your friends. There are quite a handful of Tiktok challenges that you can do with your friends. Have a dance showdown, lip sync battle, or a duet! There are also trends that you can follow like the KUWK challenge where you recreate a scene from the famous Kardashian show. You can also do the Opposite Best Friends Check challenge where you highlight you and your friends’ differences. Check out the app to follow the latest trends! 

Host An E-party

Who said you can’t have fun while staying inside the house? Video call your friends and host an e-party! Drinking responsibly can still be done with a company. To make it more interesting, why not turn it into a themed party? Dress up and have a dinner party. If you are feeling laid back, go for a pajama party! You can also sing your hearts out and have a karaoke night. There are also a lot of apps that you can use to play classic party games. Yes, you can play virtual beer pong. 

Go On A Museum Tour

If you and your friends are feeling fancy, you can go on a virtual museum tour. No need to cash out a few bucks and go on a plane ride to visit the most renowned museums around the world. You can visit famous art pieces with just a few clicks. A lot of museums around the world have shifted to virtual tours to host guests. Visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, stroll around the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or tour the Louvre! 

Go Island Hopping

Pretty sure you are missing going on beach trips with your friends. But for now, you can go Island hopping in Animal Crossing. If you and your friends have a Nintendo Switch, this is one of the must-have games that you should have. It’s a light game that has the cutest graphics. You can host an Island tour with your friends at any time. Aside from Island hopping, you can also decorate your place, plant some fruits, or go fishing! 

Hangout with your friends without leaving your homes

Now that it is still not entirely safe to go out, it is best to be creative so you can still hang out with your friends. Take advantage of the power of technology and take note of these fun tips the next time you plan something. Ditch the usual video call sessions and plan a more exciting virtual get together!

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