Beds that won’t make a hole in your pocket Buying a bed without having to reach for your wallet

Beds that won’t make a hole in your pocket Buying a bed without having to reach for your wallet

When creating a new look for your home we all know it can be quite a pricey exercise and often plans have to be put on hold due to financial strain. With new trends changing quickly a makeover is a great way to update your room and a bedroom can often be the room that gets neglected. Where do you start when you haven’t much spare cash but want to invest in a quality bed rather than stick to a budget? Some things to consider are alternative ways of loans often without having to affect your own credit score and make a dent in your finances when they’re needed for other items. Perhaps you’re saving for a holiday or new car and you’d also love to change the look of your home but can’t afford everything upfront. Beds on finance could be an option.

There are very few disadvantages when buying goods on finance, especially when purchasing interest free as there are no additional fees or interest to pay. If you can comfortably manage the repayments and do not have access to the money needed to buy outright, it can be a very good option. Finance is great, assuming you are clever about it, however it can be a terrible trap for the unprepared. If you have a stable income and don’t mind paying the interest, it allows you to skip the saving part of getting something more expensive than you can afford right now. It’s helpful to look at all your options so we’ve come up with a couple you can consider so your dream room can be made into a reality.


Klarna has popped up in recent times and has fast become popular with a younger demographic of audience. Klarna allows you to split the cost of an item into three 0% interest free instalments. The company was founded in Sweden in 2005 and since then has grown into one of Europe’s largest banks, providing payment solutions for over 85 million people. What makes them different to traditional credit providers is their app, which allows you to browse a directory of participating retailers, as well as keep track of your scheduled payments. Klarna is only offered for certain items so it’s always worth checking first. Klarna is perfect for those not wanting to impact their credit score.

PayPal credit

PayPal is traditionally associated with online payments and transactions but now offers a method of payment that’s quick, easy and straight forward. It’s kind of like a credit card without the plastic and you can manage it through your PayPal account.

A buy now pay later approach is always popular and PayPal can make purchasing more affordable.

General credit

Don’t forget that if you don’t wish to use the products already described credit can be offered face-to-face with buy now pay later services in our stores. In partnership with Hitachi, you can often buy your items on the day and pay the balance in six months, interest free. If you require longer to pay for your items often there are usually offers for a 24 months and 48 months repayment.

The most important thing to know you can discuss your choices and still move forward with the bed you love without any financial headaches whatsoever.

Getting a good night’s sleep is priceless and it definitely should never cause anyone a sleepless night!