Absolute Toner has All you need to know about Inkjet and Laser Printers

Now that you are looking to get a new printer, you do not know whether to purchase a laser or inkjet printer, as you were initially not aware of the differences between the two. Every organization is faced with this same problem when buying a new printer.  Many customers operate under strict budgetary constraints, and it is only common to consider initial buying costs and space limitations. Although, it is wise to take into consideration the long-term operating costs associated with the particular printer.

Your choice of printer will mostly depend on your requirements. Inkjet printers are usually perfect for home users who have limited photo and text printing needs. Laser printers are suited to larger office environments with high-quality and high-volume printing requirements.

Again, to select the right printer for you, there is a need to ask yourself:

  • how much you print each month,
  • what kinds of documents you will need to print,
  • what quality print you want,
  • whether you need colour or not and are concerned about the initial buying cost or the cost over the printer’s lifetime.

The difference between them is night and day, but once you understand their differences and decide which kind of printer is most suitable for your needs, trust me, you are already halfway to finding the right printer for you.

Usually, laser printers produce crisp, decent images and speedy text documents, while inkjet printers produce top-quality photos and not so crisp text at a slow pace.

Inkjet printers are perfect if you are printing top-quality photos, and speed is not an issue for you. Its primary selling point is its print resolution for vivid images and superior colour accuracy, adding more time to printing each page. That of laser printers is its ability to print documents with a mix of text, photos, and graphics quickly but are more expensive because they can “do it all.”

Laser printers and colour laser printers colour much less to maintain and operate and have a lower cost over the printer’s lifetime, but they initially have a higher price tag.

It is worth showing you in detail the difference in the cost of owning the two types of printers. An inkjet printer initially costs less, but its cost per page is much higher than that of a laserjet. Conversely, a laser printer costs more initially, but its toner will cost much less per page over time. So if you print a thousand pages per month or a couple of hundred pages per month, go for laser printers because they will be more cost-effective over time.

If you are the type that prints very infrequently, whether for your small office or personal use, then an inkjet printer will be more cost-effective for you.


Laser Printer Buying Guides

If you have decided to go for laser printers, here are some features that would be helpful to you or anyone looking for information about laser printers.

Laser printers give the highest quality text and images among printers. Lasers printers Toronto got different model and spec. Some of them are ideal for home offices and small businesses. Some reliable low-costs models are available and perfect for everyday personal printing.

Some of these features are


As long as the speed is concerned, laser printers are the fastest among other printers. You can get full-colour results as fast as 2 to 4 pages per minute (ppm) and black-and-white output as fast as 25 ppm. But printers need time to warm up the fuses to operating temperature when it is turned on.  It usually takes 5 to 30 seconds to warm up the printer.

Resolution, Color and Quality:-

The regular resolution of a laser printer is 1200 dpi (Dots per inch). Therefore, this type of printer is well suited for everyday printing and small DTP jobs. Several laser printers have a resolution of 300 dots per inch (dpi). However, colour laser printers are a bit expensive compared to the black-and-white versions, and it requires a great deal of memory to produce high-resolution images.

Paper handling, capacity and size:-

A lot of laser printers use letter-size, cut-sheet paper. Your machine may even have the option to add extra paper trays or feeders to increase the capacity.

Absolute toner has all types which can print on different types of paper types, sizes and weights, such as labels, transparencies and card stock. Some of them can even handle non-traditional media like envelopes. However, papers such as iron-on transfers are not fit for laser printers as the heat used in the transfer process could spoil or damage the paper and gum up your printer.

At last, the kind of document you need to print may determine the type of printer you purchase. If you print many text documents and you are cost-conscious, then a monochrome laser printer will be okay for you. Still, if you are printing mainly documents and photos for personal use, especially if you do not care about the quality, you should go for an inkjet printer. Finally, if you print a lot of volume of text, graphics, or mixed documents, then a colour laser printer would fit your needs and would be a good investment.

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