5 Essentials for Runners

Are you new to running? If so, you aren’t alone. Many people picked up this activity during the global pandemic, and other men and women are trying it now to lose the weight they gained when they were at home. Before you head out for your first run, however, you need to gather some essential gear. This ensures the sport is enjoyable and you aren’t injured in the process. What items do you need? 

Compression Socks

Beginners to the sport often sustain injuries. There’s a learning curve with every activity, and running is no exception. Knee and foot injuries remain very common, even among those who have been running for years. Invest in sport compression socks so you are prepared if the worst does happen. In fact, the socks can be worn to prevent injuries and allow you to stay out on the road, trail, or track more. Choose a sock that provides comfortable, even compression, and one that has dual-stretch power knit material. This helps to ensure the sock is comfortable and you wear it regularly. Finally, choose a sock that holds up with time to ensure you are never without a pair when you need it. 

Water Bottle

Always carry more water than will be needed. This is one item it is better to have too much of rather than not enough. Many people start by purchasing bottles of water and carrying them when they run. If you remain with the sport, it’s best to purchase a refillable water bottle, one with greater capacity. Take water on every trip. Some people say they only carry water with them when they are running three miles or more. However, if they are injured and need to wait for assistance, they’ll be glad they carried it on a trip that is of shorter distance. 


Eat plenty of whole, quality foods. Choose lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. The micronutrients found in these items aid in the recovery process while replenishing your energy stores. Your body will find it easier to adapt to the training and performance will improve. Choose carbs wisely and eat within your recovery window. Don’t overdo it on electrolytes either. They can do more harm than good. 

Running Storage

People need to carry essentials when running. For example, a person should always carry an ID with them so first responders know who to call in an emergency. A running belt or other device is of great help in keeping the hands free as you run while still allowing you to carry these important items. 


Good sneakers remain essential for runners. To find the right pair, visit a local running store. Staff members become of great help in choosing the right shoe. Never run in old sneakers, as this could lead to injuries as well. Speak with the staff to learn how often the shoes need to be replaced. This is one item you should never delay in replacing, as it increases the odds of you getting hurt when old sneakers are worn. 

Invest in quality items when you begin running. Doing so reduces the risk of an injury and makes the sport more enjoyable. Try different items before making a purchase, however. This ensures you get items that are right for you and nobody else. What is appropriate for you may not be right for another, and this is one sport where mistakes can lead to unnecessary pain and injury. Avoid them by investing in quality gear and using it at all times. 

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