Casino games: the best and worst in terms of Odds

Casino games have been designed to have different winning odds with some games having the best odds. While other games have the worst odds. However, no casino will tell you this before you pick a game to wager on. In casino games, the odds stand to be the ratio of money gambled to the amount of money that can be won.

So if you happen to find a game that gives a high winning odd just know that you have around 44 to 48% chance of winning according to most casinos. The casino still manages to make all these game odds turn in their favor and that’s what they refer to as the house edge. The house edge is like a precise mathematical programmed advantage that the casino has over the gamblers ensuring a percentage return to the house and a guaranteed loss of what you’ve bet but do not worry too much as this is all to ensure that the casinos make an average profit from players bet.

All casino games have different house edge with craps been around 5% which means for every amount staked you lose about 5% of it and this is not done over a single bet but over a period of time in your consecutive bets. So before you go ahead to play any game in a casino, it will be better to know games that can give you the edge in winning.

Popular Casino Games with the Best Odds

There are various casino games out there that give the best odds with the table games like blackjack taking the lead. People can be quite confident when it comes to table casino games because of how good the odd is which I honestly think so too. Alright, let’s have a look at some of these casino games;


Blackjack is a table casino game involving the players and the dealer. The players take turns to play against the dealer. However, they don’t play each other. This casino game house edge is about 1% and above. This gives the players about 45% odds of winning. All casino games are sometimes won with luck anyway.

Blackjack is also a game that can be easily learned by keen observation and perfected with constant practice. You just have to make sure you get close to 21 without the dealer having a larger total and without a bust (going over 21). Once you’ve made it through the basics, the use of strategies can now be employed.


Craps are known to have a house edge of 1.4% to 5% as we said earlier, which makes the odds of winning to be about 47%. The game of craps is also a table game like blackjack, but the roll of dice determines your win or loss instead of cards and the rules and features are also different. To win in craps is a bit more complex than blackjack (where it’s just you and the dealer) so constant free games with constant practice with friends are required. The easiest bet to make in craps is betting on whether the shooter will win or lose his throw of dice.


Roulette is also a table casino game equipped with wheels that is numbered from 1-36 marked with three colors(red, black and green) with a house edge of 2.8% for a table with 0 and 5.2% for a table with 00 also making the odds of winning for this casino game to be about 47%. The game involves the use of a ball, the ball rolls when the wheel is spun then falls into a slot on the wheel. You can multiply your bet by picking numbers, which can be high or low, odd or even, red or black and you can also choose not to. Furthermore, you can discover more games with good odds at for big winnings.

Popular Casino Games with the Worst Possible Odds

As there are casino games with great odds, there are also casino games with the worst possible odds you can think of.

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Slots is a very popular casino game. I bet no casino gambler can ever say he/she hasn’t tried a slot machine game. It is enjoyed for its amazing features, rollup, bonus, and in-game animations. However, many gamblers fail to realize how low this game odd is. Slots are reported to have a house edge of 3% to 20%; yeah that is a high percentage. This means that on all consecutive bets of the gambler, the casino realizes about 3 to 20 percent profit.

You can’t possibly know which slot machine game has the lowest house edge or the highest house edge. The slot machine game can be very addictive when it comes to playing. All it takes is a little amount of time to spend your money extravagantly on them. The results of each lever pull are basically random so you can never predict the result nor play with strategy to win.

Wheel of Fortune

The wheel of fortune is a very popular slot game equipped with bright colorful spinning wheels. This casino game has a house edge of about 11%, giving it about 25 to 39 percent odd of winning. All you need to do in the wheel of fortune is just to bet on where the wheel is going to stop. The $1 dollar stop mark is the safest bet in the game. Putting the house edge to around 11% while the joker can be the toughest. Putting the house edge at about 24%, but It also gives out the largest payout.


Keno is a lottery betting game whereby players bet by picking 20 random numbers out of 80. This is specifically selected by the casino. The win is determined by how many of the numbers the player can select. Well as far as I am concerned, Keno has the worst possible odd with a house edge of 4 to 35 percent. The probability calculations for this casino game are pretty insane and that’s is just how casino games with worst possible odds are made. To play keno, you will have to be a kind of witch or something, just joking but you will need lots of luck to win.


Now we know which casino game has the best odds and the worst odds. The next time you plan to visit a casino. If you want to have, a little edge over the house to earn more than you lose. Just remember what you have read in this article. No matter which casino game you plan to wager with, just recalls that the house will always have its edge over the players.

As we’ve seen in this article, the best odds lie with the table games, so you know where to go if you don’t have an idea when entering the casino. These casino games have different ways of enticing players so be firm of your conviction while playing and never lose yourself in the game.