A Subtle Spread: Organic Ways To Increase Your Brand Exposure

Spreading your brand is such a vast minefield that you can come up with numerous approaches to get your name out there. But making sure that you do it in a subtle way is a fine art. You want to increase your brand exposure not by forcing your content down people’s throats but giving them the similar and subtly nudging them towards your products. What are some organic ways to increase your brand exposure?


Everybody likes a freebie! The most important thing to remember is that the items aren’t pointless pieces of shoddy merchandise. Think about items that suit your style. You should also think about the needs of most people. Something like personalised hoodies can be a good example because they are suitable for everyone and are practical! Even a mug can be a bit of a crowd-pleaser. Just be careful that you don’t invest in so many freebies that you are practically giving them away! Freebies are meant to be cheap for you.

Guest Content

It’s a perfect opportunity to network as well as build up your brand. Getting on other blogs and websites gives a different market and exposure to your brand. Providing guest content in the form of a blog or a video can shake up your style but also inspire you to try something new with your own approaches. By guesting on other people’s sites you have the opportunity to reach a whole new group of people.

Referral Programs

One of the most common ways to spread awareness of any brand know is the referral program. One of the most famous examples is the Amazon affiliate program that is used by countless bloggers. And the great thing about referral programs is that users will naturally want to spread your product or service around when they know they will get a perk in return. It’s a more modern way to implement positive word-of-mouth for a specific product. 

Working With Local Partners

If you really want to spread the word of your business in an organic way the temptation can be to go global but you’ve got to start small. Working with local partners gives you the opportunity to help build a loyal following locally but by partnering with other local businesses and sponsoring local events you can help too to spread your brands in a way that permeates the consciousness of the people that matter. These people start to buy from you and you can then start to increase brand awareness online. We can spend a lot of time thinking that going online is the only way but when we begin to sponsor local events and retain a modest presence where we operate, this does wonders for our credibility. 


Most people consider setting up a podcast but as far as a business tool is concerned it’s an incredibly useful one right now. It is a very tough market but you’ve got to think about standing out from the crowd. If you are in the marketing industry you may have already seen how many podcasts are out there. You can sponsor a podcast which means that they will have to recommend your product but this is something that many listeners will skip. If you want to make a significant impact in the podcast industry you could start your own industry podcast. Interviewing industry experts gives you the opportunity to build your brand while at the same time nurturing relationships with contemporaries in your field.

Focus On A Unique Personality

We can talk about brand identity until we are blue in the face but when there are so many other companies out there vying for the attention of the buyer a unique personality that is humourous or even outrageous can help to help you stand out from the crowd. Many brands now inject comedy into their promotional materials. And this can be a shot of genius or the equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot. Focusing on creating a unique personality means that it’s got to be part of your overall business ethos and become part of your brand identity. This means you have got to go back to the business plan or even consider rebranding if you want this to be a success.

When building your startup increasing your brand exposure can encompass so many different methods but if you are looking for an organic or subtle method these are a few examples that are worth injecting into your marketing tactics. As you increase your exposure you start to remain in the subconscious of potential customers. In the world of competition and oversaturated marketplaces, a subtle spread is the way forward.