Innovative UV Light Sanitizers could help many industries return to work safely

UK-developed UVC Air Sanitisation device provides a simple and affordable solution that effectively and safely sanitizes humans, air and surfaces and kills Covid-19

LONDON, UK; 7 October 2020 – While countries continue to battle the socio-economic impacts of Covid-19, a simple and safe solution for human and space sanitation exists and has been released to market.

UK lighting designer and supplier, BB Light Ltd has developed an innovative and affordable UV light sterilisation product that can kill Covid-19 and other airborne viruses.

The product, which is available to purchase online, uses Far-UVC, the Ultraviolet radiation band between 200–230 nanometers (nm), which has been proven to penetrate and inactivate surface pathogens, such as bacteria, parasites, fungi and viruses and is safe for use in the presence of human activity.

All a person would need to do, is stand within a portal for several seconds and turn around once sanitised of contaminants, after which they could interact with others seamlessly.

“The downlighter is so sophisticated that, not only does it kill Covid-19, but it’s also a provider of light and can be programmed so that, if you were using it in a food and beverage space, it would be constantly sanitizing the space, surfaces and air immediately below. We have in hand, the tool to solve this major issue, yet we’re not using it,” explains BB Light founder and product developer, Ian Bibby.

BB Light Ltd collaborated with US lighting designers and manufacturers, Healthe Lighting to develop the BB Recessed UVC Air Sanitisation And Panel Luminaire, which is designed to be used in a typical T bar suspended ceiling, as both a Luminaire and Far-UVC air handling unit combined and can easily be substituted for other 598×598 panel luminaires or ceiling tiles.

UV lighting has long been used for sterilisation in numerous spaces, but pure UV is too dangerous to living organisms to be used on humans. Far-UVC 222nm light in contrast, can penetrate only a very short distance in biological material, so it can’t reach any living cells in the human body. Several research groups, including at Columbia University, have performed extensive safety studies with far-UVC light and human skin, mouse skin, and mouse eyes, and all evidence suggesting that far-UVC light has no harmful effects.

Bibby says that the response to the product in several European countries, has been highly enthusiastic, however the UK market has remained sceptical to date.

“We have in our hands, an affordable, effective solution for Covid-19 sanitisation that could easily be implemented in hospitals, healthcare institutions, care homes, offices, bars, restaurants and even supermarkets. This innovation could help theatre, sports and entertainment venues reopen, yet it’s largely being ignored by the government and municipalities,” says Bibby.

The effects of lighting for health could be far-reaching and highly beneficial in many ways, aside from dealing with Covid-19.

Having worked in the lighting industry for over 40 years, Bibby became interested in the idea of creating lighting that supports circadian rhythms, replicating the effect that natural daylight has on the human body. With the advent of LED lighting, it’s now possible to replicate natural lighting which can have substantial benefits on the human body. Research suggests that natural lighting can stimulate healing, increase productivity and decrease stress and can even help babies sleep better.

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