Join top speakers and leaders transitioning into the Fifth Industrial Revolution at Wayout’s first Eco.Tech Talk – A Journey to Sustainability

March 24, 2021 | Hosted by Swedish SustainTech company Wayout International, Eco.Tech Talk brings together some of the most inspiring professionals and thought leaders in technology, innovation, science and social impact for an engaging conversation around the implications of the fifth industrial revolution.

The Fifth Industrial Revolution is described as a new era of transformative innovation, with tech making the world ‘better’ rather than just ‘more efficient’ or ‘more productive’, bending progress and profits toward purpose and inclusivity.

The Eco. Tech Talk is an initiative to kick off creative conversations across industries and organizations around meaningful and sustainable change through tech and innovation.

Moderated by highly acclaimed journalist and CNN anchor Richard Quest, the virtual event will take place on Thursday, April 15, 2021 at

Panelists are Dedo Baranshamaje, Director of innovation Segal Family Foundation and Obama Foundation, Åsa Tamson, Senior Vice President Ericsson, Dr. Daisy Owomugasho, Regional Director of The Hunger Project, East Africa, Naza Alakija, Founder S.A.G.E Innovation and Senior Advisor UNICEF, Björn Öste, Co-Founder and CEO of Good Idea Drinks, Craig Smith, Marriott International Group president and Managing Director, and Jeroen Harderwijk, Co-founder and CEO of Asilia Africa.

“We are very thrilled to have some of this planet’s actual change makers with us on this talk on next era innovations and insights. If our future depends on how well we can take care of what we may find and what we actually have, this should be most inspiriting”, says Martin Renck, co-founder and Creative Director, Wayout.

About Wayout:

Wayout International an innovation company enabling transition to a sustainable future for the beverage industry. Wayout provides local, independent and profitable microfactory systems based on sustainable technology and local entrepreneurship.

For more information about the Eco.Tech Talk, visit A Journey To Sustainability

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