The rise of the career coaches turning been there, tried that, into ‘do this’

There’s nothing like a worldwide pandemic to leave you questioning the status quo, and with new business formations continuing to rise throughout 2020 – up 47% in June alone according to Companies Houses – career coaches are fast becoming the saving graces of those considering escaping the rat race. As the government confirms it won’t extend the furlough protecting millions of jobs, one career coach has shared her own story on how ten failed businesses attempts taught her everything she wants anyone contemplating self-employment to know.

For Jackie Smith of Create Your Perfect Business, the ‘life first, work second’© lightbulb moment so many of us are having right now came 3 years ago.

“I had spent my entire life working in regular, average paid jobs, dabbling several times in starting small businesses on the side over the years. By dabble, I mean nine online businesses and an offline attempt, all of which failed miserably.”

It was several years down the line, after a string of practical businesses started for reasons that never quite resonated, that Jackie realised she was the business.

“I spent a lot of time and money looking at myself and my strengths. Somewhere along the way, it dawned on me that what sparked joy in me wasn’t running the businesses I’d founded over the years, hence why they’d all fallen by the wayside. Instead, what I was good at was thinking outside the box and connecting the dots that built the businesses ideas in the first place. From there, the part I was naturally really good at was done, the creative income stream was set, and I was ready to move on to doing it again and again with new ideas.”

As a result, Jackie became a ‘Life First, Work Second’© career coach and launched Create Your Perfect Business to help those considering self-employment to see the bigger picture. With furlough coming to an end in November and a flurry of redundancies predicted as a result, not to mention slim-pickings in on the recruitment front and newfound focus on what’s important in life, she’s sharing the formula that helped her pivot to finally finding freedom as her own boss.

Through her 7-Step Business Idea Formula, Jackie is helping creative small businesses start on a shoestring, using her own failures to help them sidestep issues that tend to arise along the way. Kickstarted with a 1:1 Customised Business Idea Generation Session, designed to help clients double down on pivoting from a conventional career to creative, her approach offers various options for anyone looking to turn redundancy or a rethinking of their career into a bright future.

“If there is one thing I have learnt after finding my own success it’s that you’re no different to all those people making their creative businesses a success. It’s all about finding the right one for you, that’s all. I really hope to help people with that and turn such strange times into a positive as we look towards 2021.”

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