Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy This Halloween

First, we’ll start by saying we all need a break! This year, 2020, has been crazy, and not in good way! Across the world governments have had their backs to the wall dealing with the covid-19 crisis, and it’s fair to say we haven’t seen times such as these in peacetime before. So, what we all need is something to look forward to, and that something is Halloween! Now we’re not saying we should all ignore the precautions that are in place, but that we should have fun and be careful.

Plus, there’s one thing we need to think carefully about with all that candy around – our teeth! We’re not just talking about the kids here as adults like to indulge when it comes to this time of year, so what can be done to ensure your teeth are kept in good condition this Halloween? There are some interesting ideas at Ostrem Dental who are a leading dental practitioners with a knowledgeable and professional team, so let’s put together a list of tips that we think can help.

1: Up Your Cleaning Routine

Let’s face it, you are going to eat a lot of candy and drink a lot of fizzy drinks and beer, so don’t pretend otherwise! Then there’s cake, which is always around at Halloween, and much more besides. We know you already have a stringent teeth-cleaning routine, so the thing to do here is ramp it up. Where you brush twice a day, make it three and take longer and more care. The sugar content of the candy and drinks can act surprisingly quickly, so be careful to get all the bits out of the awkward places! Make sure all the family do this too.

2: Use Stronger Toothpaste

Using a stronger toothpaste may be a sensible move with or without Halloween, as there are improvements in the ingredients and make-up of these products all the time. Check the shelves in your local store for new brands or products from the brand you prefer and ask your dentist what they recommend as they will know how the market is changing. It’s always best to use the best, so have a look now and be prepared.

3: Limit the Kid’s Candies

The biggest problem at Halloween is keeping the kids – who will be very excited, remember – from overdoing the candy, pop and food. Try and explain to them that they are damaging their teeth by overdoing things and take control of the central candy distribution! This way, they can make what they collect last a long time, rather than getting through it all very quickly and damaging their teeth as a result. You may even take out any products that are particularly rich in sugar, and they’ll never know!

4: Go Sugar Free

One thing you can do to help is give away sugar free sweets to trick or treaters. There are plenty such products available that you can choose from, as the manufacturers have recognised the need to reduce sugar in their products. By doing this you are helping other kids look after their teeth at what can be a difficult time. Check your local retailers for sugar-free candy and you’ll be surprised what is available.

When all is said and done Halloween is massive business for many manufacturers and retailers and is also great fun for kids and families alike. Be careful and make sure you supervise the kid’s intake of sweets, clean properly and more often, and look for sugar-free products and you’ll be doing your best to look after your teeth this Halloween.

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