New wealth management firm pioneers the use of AI conversational chat assistant technology to ‘Change the Face of Wealth” through innovation, technology, and inclusivity

New wealth management firm pioneers the use of AI conversational chat assistant technology to ‘Change the Face of Wealth” through innovation, technology, and inclusivity

City Wharf Private Wealth, a new modern UK wealth management firm backed by St. James’s Place, launches with a mission to ‘change the face of wealth’ management. Their mission is to change the way ‘wealth’ is seen, felt, and experienced through leveraging online face to face advice, AI and digital client experiences combined with a modern representation of society.

The new firm co-founded by an alumnus of HSBC and St James’s Place was set up by Elemi Atigolo and Ashlea Atigolo. With the founders’ backgrounds within the areas of private wealth, Fintech, sustainability, and AI technology. City Wharf Private Wealth will be the UK’s first wealth management firm to use AI conversational chat assistant technology; to support and engage with its customers 24/7 with human-like conversations through smart assistant, Alda Ai, which is powered by IBM.

With in-person advice being affected due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for digital interaction is soaring and there is still an advice gap within the UK. City Wharf Private Wealth (CWPW) believes that technology should be used to enhance face-to-face financial advice and support the client experience, as opposed to using it to replace human interaction entirely. Therefore CWPW believes that their offering combines the strengths, accessibility, and efficiencies provided by digital technology with the breadth and trust of an established FTSE100 firm.

“CWPW was built with an omnichannel approach, a client-focused digital platform with video technology and an AI customer service. This offering enables our firm to resonate with today’s digitally-led clients who also want; expert face-to-face advice, a full bespoke wealth management service, and access to responsible investment planning and solutions.” says Co-Founder, Elemi Atigolo.

Being a digitally-led, wealth management firm will enable CWPW to primarily cater to busy modern individuals, entrepreneurs, and professionals of all ages. The firm aims to focus on individuals who have complex needs, who are time-poor and still seek the reassurance of human interaction, combined with the convenience of modern digital services and access to an institutional investment approach.

“We believe that technology and AI can, and should be used to help firms and their clients effectively engage and communicate with each other. Through this pandemic, we have seen the importance of getting answers to customers quickly in order to reassure them, the need to make communication more smarter and digital, and the importance of being able to add value despite what is going on within the world.” says Co-Founder, Ashlea Atigolo.

With a trillion-dollar transfer of intergenerational wealth coming over the next decade. The next generation of individuals will require and expect more than the last generation. With this new generation now living more digitally and eco-consciously, the expectations when it comes to their wealth manager, both in terms of technology and responsible offerings will be much higher.

“With my experience and time within the AI innovation and Fintech industry. I was fortunate enough to be able to see, first-hand what modern, tech-savvy clients are looking for, and the innovation that was developed within fintech platforms. Even with all the innovation, I saw that some of these platforms subsequently added a form of human advice to their offering. I believe that individuals still require and seek reassurance from human interaction. This is seen even more throughout this pandemic where people want to virtually see and engage with an adviser more often.” says Co Founder, Elemi Atigolo.

Elemi is recognised by the UK Fintech Awards as one of the leading entrepreneurs in the future of financial innovation. Nominated for the 2020 “Innovator of the Year” award for his work in Fintech.

“We are in a time where people want to build a relationship with a firm that has a core value of making a positive impact on society and/or the environment. It is also now important to individuals that the firm they choose represents a true reflection of modern society. We believe now is the time to rethink how ‘wealth’ is seen, felt, and experienced. With the depiction of wealth for many decades not truly representing all of modern society. We believe that there is a gap in the market for a wealth management firm that caters to individuals who want to see a firm that integrates environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles and reflects and includes all.” says Co-Founder, Ashlea Atigolo.

Ashlea is recognised as a leading voice for sustainability within industry publications such as WWD and Icarus Complex Magazine and is also the founder of a UK award-winning sustainable brand.

City Wharf Private Wealth is an Appointed Representative of and represents only St. James’s Place Wealth Management plc (which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority). City Wharf Private Wealth is a trading name of City Wharf Private Wealth LTD

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