Reliance Ozone launches Ozone system to help fight coronavirus pandemic

An Irish company has released a product which could help companies get back to the office sooner.  
Reliance Ozone has just released the Reliance O3, which is described as “ a unique commercial intelligent portable room disinfection and sanitisation system based on ozone”.
The company, who are based in Galway in the west of Ireland, believe that their product can be a game changer for workplaces during the pandemic.
A statement from Reliance described how the product would work, stating that it “was developed to provide a high concentration of ozone in a room to produce a shock effect that destroys bacteria, viruses and odours. It generates ozone for disinfection and then deactivates it, leaving the disinfected sites ready for immediate use.”
With daily figures of Covid-19 increasing around Europe, these claims suggest that the Reliance 03 may be a hit in both the workplace and the home.
According to Reliance Ozone CEO, Anthony Tobin, there are plans in the works for other designs that will help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. He said: “In the coming months, Reliance Ozone will bring to market not only the Reliance O3 but also several other products. We are now engaging with potential resellers and agents worldwide.”
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