ConsumerBreak App is Awarding up to $30k by New Year via Sponsored Jigsaw Puzzle Contests

USA, Oct. 26, 2020 — The ConsumerBreak® mobile app is launching a promotional giveaway of up to $30,000 throughout November and December – having already awarded over $50,000 to more than 2,600 people across the country since January 2020.

The free app (U.S. 18+) on the App Store and Google Play runs fast-paced jigsaw-style puzzle contests. The puzzles take less than a minute to solve for most people, and users have ten attempts to record their fastest time score for each contest – ranking on a leaderboard against all other players who solved the puzzle. There’s a new contest every Monday/Wednesday/Friday, weekly, and monthly (with bonus games from monthly scavenger hunt / riddle-based / escape room style “QuestBreaks“). The app also constantly features fan submitted photos in the puzzles with community participation in their “ConsumerBreak V.I.P.” Facebook group.

The contests award real cash prizes paid out via PayPal to top players, along with free merchandise and discounts from their store Concluded leaderboards are divided into 5 “Skill Rank” tiers that have users only competing against others of the same general skill range – so they can win real cash as a beginner in the bottom tier with below average scores. Prizes are paid out within a week of each contest’s conclusion and posted at There is no waiting to cash out or minimum amount to build up to, no microtransactions or payment of any kind, and all prizes are at least $1.

ConsumerBreak is undergoing its final investor-supported “proof of concept” stage, and is seeking a goal of 10,000 regular players to build enough data to sell to sponsors in 2021 and continue prize pots and include sponsored products and services.

From founder/CEO Natanel Eisenberg in their pitch video that can be found on YouTube:

Brands sponsor the contests by having their content turned into games – with customized images, audio and links put in the puzzles. Users engage with the content and even memorize it in order to solve the puzzles quickly and score well on a leaderboard against all the other players. They can visit the sponsor’s links, share with friends, and spend 5-10 minutes using up their 10 attempts per contest – and memorizing the image to score better.

And they do this all willingly because it’s an actual fun experience that doesn’t interrupt them like other ads! This motivates purchases, influences calls-to-action, builds brand awareness and loyalty, and educates audiences in a fun way. Meanwhile, a large percentage of what the sponsors pay us goes into the prize pots and into the winners’ hands… so that’s where all the money comes from!”

To incentivize reaching this goal, ConsumerBreak is offering additional prizes to be unlocked as the games reach player milestones.

For sponsors, ConsumerBreak is offering free spots in the puzzles for the duration of this promotional period. This may include a single puzzle in one of their M/W/F “Feature Breaks“, a spot in their monthly QuestBreaks that would incorporate clues into the sponsored content, or a fully branded 10-15 puzzle contest. They also offer password entry games to only give access to specific audiences, as well as more specialized in-venue or learning/training services. Brands can learn more and submit their information at to get featured.

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