Remembrance Sunday & Ghosts Of The Fallen.

In remembrance of their valour, fortitude, heroism, selflessness & sacrifice.


I left my legs on the battlefield

But I will still stand tall

I left my arms on the battlefield

But I will still salute you all

I left my nerve on the battlefield

But I will not tremble or fall

From the first firing of the field gun

To the dying breath of the “Last Post” call




The ghosts of the fallen are all agreed

Something may be wrong with the warrior’s creed

For a shot of death brings icy clarity

And deep, deep sadness to a new reality

Where there’s no way forward and there’s no way back

To life before the last bloody attack

Knowing families and friends lie waiting in their homes

To be shot through their heads with their telephones


At peace at last in the universe

About just one question the ghosts converse

To put to the ones whose orders were writ

Was the loss of our lives really worth it?


(Michael Ashby)


From: and pages 30 & 64 of Funeral Poems: Death, Grief & Loss Poetry

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Written by: 71 year old English poet Michael Ashby from Sidmouth, Devon who is one of the world’s leading, living remembrance poets.

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