Everything You Need to Know About BMFN

Forex trading and investment seem confusing and incomprehensible for beginner traders and have gained an undeserved reputation. Still, there are reliable brokers out there capable of helping both experienced and newcomer investors make most of their savings and see considerable returns.

Today we answer the most common questions about one broker with a spotless reputation and all the trading instruments you might need – BMFN.

Is Boston Merchant New on the Market?

BMFN (Boston Merchant Financial Network) was founded in 1988, and it is one of the most reliable Forex brokers with a rich history and flawless reputation. Over 100,000 traders entrust the company with their savings, and over 16,000 businesses choose BMFN as their investment partner. The company is also the largest IB aggregator in the world.

Where Is BMFN Located?

The headquarters of the company are located in the Republic of Vanuatu. However, there are over a dozen offices spread across the world. Some of the biggest branches are based in Sydney (Australia), Oakland (New Zealand), Dubai (the UAE), and Shanghai (China).

Is BMFN a Certified Broker?

The company holds several trading licenses by national authorities, including the UK, New Zealand, and Australia. However, you should always consult local regulations and international financial legislation before creating your trading account.

What Trading Tools Does BMFN Offer?

Every trader gets access to Metatrader 4, the most popular trading platform in the world, via a personal dashboard. It holds a review of analytical data, the prices, and spreads. You can trade anything from metals and energy resources to stocks and currency pairs.

Can I Trade Using My Smartphone?

With a BMFN account, you can trade wherever you are: China, India, or Australia. All you need is a reliable Internet connection. Many traders choose to use a web interface on their desktops or laptops, as it is easier to assess analytics reports on a large screen. However, you can use your iPad, iPhone, or Android-powered mobile device to follow the forecasts and place orders.

Are There Troubles with Withdrawal?

As a reliable Forex broker, BMFN offers multiple withdrawal options, including credit card and wire transfer. The payment processing might take a few business days, and you might be liable to bank fees, but there are usually no troubles on the broker’s side.

How Can I Start Trading?

All you need is to create an account with BMFN and submit a deposit. You can start investing with as little as $100 and a free demo account.