COVID-19 was the best thing that happened to us!

Yes, you read that right, that wasn’t a typo. Whilst the pandemic has indeed brought physical and financial strife to so many, astonishingly there is a startup out there that is [in some way] thankful for the virus, not just because of the growth they have experienced, but the confirmation that what they have to offer is indeed desirable, even in the midst of a global pandemic.

Some of the greatest companies were historically formed during recessions and challenging times, and although Covid-19 has broken many startups there are a few out there that have thrived.

Co-founders Nargis Jafferali and Demos Demetriou are one such story. They founded blazon – a social media service for startups – in February 2020, just one month before the pandemic started to take a grip on the economy.

During the first lockdown period, they tripled their team and their client base, and expanded internationally to include working with startups in Australia, New York and Montreal. Most startups would have scaled back and possibly even panicked under the unprecedented circumstances around them, but these founders have done exactly the opposite.

They passionately believe that startups in every sector need a good social media presence, but without the often-high cost and rigid structures that traditional agencies tend to offer. Jafferali and Demetriou have hands-on experience building startups and fully understand the constant changes, pivots, swings and roundabouts that occur in a startup, very often all in the same day.

It’s that unique connection to budding startups that has enabled them to build great relationships with other founders. As one of their clients put it: “You make it so easy“. The Co-founders really do believe in making it completely effortless for their clients so that they can focus on other pressing matters – and remind their clients that they can be involved as much or as little as they like in the process, not having to worry about sending them content or strategy ideas.

Their social media service is designed to give founders back the time they were spending agonising over what content to put out across social media, so they can get back to building their startup. Being able to expand their business through recent events has given them validation not only that social media is an essential component to a startup’s business, but that the unique service blazon provides is valued.

Jafferali and Demetriou believe that startups are a key part to any economy. All of the largest companies in the world started from humble beginnings. Now more than ever the competition is fierce and making sure your customers know who and what your product and brand is about is crucial.

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