Daughter of award winning veteran becomes published author at 14 now launches writing competition

Like most children, Alyssia Reddy was stuck at home with her two sisters during the recent covid lockdown in the UK. As someone very dedicated to her studies and in the highest tier of her year group, her parents realised that this lockdown could have a serious impact on her. Luckily for her, her dad Samuel T. Reddy is an ex military and award winning author who passed on his writing creativity.

The idea of starting a book series, called The Sugar Cane Boy, came to her and her middle sister Alessandra after listening to their dad’s childhood stories of Mauritius.

This is what the young author has to say about how the idea came to mind:
“When we were younger, my dad used to tell us these beautiful stories of his childhood in Mauritius – about how he grew up during a time where sugar cane was a major export and how he used to run & play in the fields. Now he does the same with our younger sister, so we thought these were such captivating stories that many children would enjoy reading about. Therefore, under the coaching of our dad, who himself is a best selling author, we planned not one but nine books.”

The SugarCane Boy: The Journey Begins, is about a boy who is normal at sight but special on the inside and discovers his strength when biting a sugar cane. It is the latest superhero series which will appeal to a wide range of young readers but most importantly help children to build character, develop confidence and become more creative.

Now the two sisters are launching a competition and are inviting other children between the age of 7 to 11 to participate and get a chance to be featured in the next book : The SugarCane Boy and the Adventures in Dodo land. Three winners in the UK & Three in Mauritius will be selected based on a sentence, paragraph or short story about the Dodo. Mauritius was the only place in the world to have the now extinct Dodo.

The first book has recently been published in the UK and is available in both paperback & kindle versions. They are now looking for more distributors / sponsors to get involved in this exciting venture.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next book in the series. You can watch the unboxing of the 1st books  again on this Facebook page: https://fb.watch/1ybvorcwTm/

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