Wholegood picks PODFather for paperless planning and ePOD

Wholegood, the UK’s leading sustainable wholesaler of fruit and vegetables has selected PODFather’s route planning, customer notification and electronic proof of delivery technology to support its environmentally sustainable growth plans in a year where their business has grown by 100%. With a fleet of over 10 vehicles making over 15,000 weekly deliveries to cafes, grocery stores, supermarkets, and wholesale food suppliers throughout the home counties the Wholegood team were keen to start running a paperless proof of delivery operation. As a result, PODFather is now being rolled out and paper-based processes will become a thing of the past. Transport teams will benefit from the PODFather cloud-based back office system for delivery route planning and tracking while drivers will use the smartphone app to collect vehicle checks and capture proof of delivery photographs with everything uploaded back to the central system in real time.

“We are committed to running a sustainable business, a core value that influences everything we do here at Wholegood; from the way our produce is grown to how it moves through our supply chain,” comments Terry Hattle, Head of Transport at Wholegood. “Our transport planning operation currently relies on the production of a large number of paper plans and tickets but with PODFather we will be able to plan faster, run smarter and get rid of paper tickets for good across our business.”

The Wholegood team will be using PODFather to plan optimised vehicle routes, gather vehicle check information, track deliveries, automatically issue customer notifications and collect electronic proof of delivery photographs. Powered by one cloud-based back off system and an easy to use driver smartphone app the PODFather solution will allow Wholegood to ramp up its delivery service in preparation for its pre-Christmas peak. In addition to the real time visibility of the whole operation, end of day reporting and data analysis tools will help the Wholegood team make informed strategic business decisions that will support business growth at a time when order volumes have quadrupled.

“PODFather offers a great, easy to use solution that solves the complex problem of planning and managing routes across a busy distribution operation” adds Terry Hattle from Wholegood. “Having used the system before I know just how good it is, and also how good the team behind it are, so it was an easy decision to introduce PODFather here at Wholegood and I look forward to a swift and effective roll out.”

“This implementation will see paper tickets become a thing of the past for the Wholegood business,” comments Colin McCreadie, Managing Director at PODFather. “We have designed our software solution to be easy to use and easy to implement which means that, even during a period of unprecedented growth and approaching a seasonable peak, we are confident that Wholegood will be up and running, and reaping the benefits that PODFather brings, in just a matter of weeks.”

PODFather Ltd – so much more than ePOD

Our software is helping businesses within the logistics, construction, field service and healthcare industries to streamline processes, improve operational and financial efficiency, and eradicate paper. Our cloud-based delivery management software encompasses a range of features and functionality including; job management, route planning and optimization, vehicle checks, proof of delivery, driver and vehicle tracking, as well as invoicing and reporting modules. PODFather allows businesses to be better informed about the jobs they are managing, highlighting problems before they occur, making users proactive rather than reactive. Our customer base includes well-known names such as Tarmac, NHS, Bidfresh, Oxfam and Igloo, as well as a many independent logistics and construction service operators. To find out more visit www.podfather.com.

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