This Mortgage Broker Promises Free Services Amidst Falling Gross Lending

As per publically available data, between 2019Q4 and 2020Q2, gross mortgage lending has fallen by approximately 40%. This means a smaller number of mortgage loans are being approved or the quantum of the approved loan amount per approved application has dramatically fallen. In such a situation, most mortgage brokers would either start charging a premium for their services or provide mortgage products sub-optimal for the customers.

London-based mortgage broker and advisor Zinga Mortgages has taken a different approach. Considered to be one of the best mortgage brokers, the firm has deployed adequate resources across the mortgage application to approval cycle for helping customers seeking mortgage loans in the ongoing market conditions.

When finding the best remortgage rates is becoming more challenging with every passing day, services like exposure to a wide range of products, professional advisory, and expedited processing can help first time, second-time, and consequent homeowners seeking to invest in the residential real-estate segment in the UK access to value-delivering services which can increase their potential returns and control their rates.

Zinga does not charge for any of its brokerage services to the customer seeking mortgage loans. The firm has created a market-leading model that is dramatically bringing down the cost of borrowings. “Home-ownership is fundamental for a quality life. Our platform is optimized to help people who have a healthy financial profile, creditworthiness, and aspirations to become home-owners, get access to the best remortgage deals or mortgage deals irrespective of market conditions.”, said Mr. Manooch Suri, Managing Director at Zinga Mortgages.

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