vLex launch powerful legal research plugin for Microsoft Word

Legal professionals and students around the world can now save time and improve their research with vLex for Word. The new plugin brings AI-assisted legal research tools to Microsoft Word, including Vincent, which can recommend highly relevant materials as they work.

vLex for Word analyses any legal document, including skeleton arguments, research briefs and essays, and offers powerful functionality to anyone undertaking legal writing or conducting research. It can help users to verify their citations are correct, check that cited authorities are still relevant and enrich documents with links to vLex content.

Currently supporting research from 31 jurisdictions, vLex for Word covers the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Spain, Argentina and more. vLex for Word can also analyse documents in both English and Spanish.

Build better arguments

The most powerful feature of vLex for Word brings Vincent, vLex’s leading AI-powered research assistant, to Microsoft Word. By combining human search behaviour with machine speed, Vincent allows users to conduct sophisticated searches for relevant material in seconds. Vincent saves significant research time, and ensures that no stone has been left unturned.

Bringing this functionality directly to Word offers users a powerful research tool without the need to interrupt their work.

Centralise your knowledge

To enable law firms to take advantage of all of the resources available to them, vLex for Word integrates seamlessly with vLex Cloud, a new knowledge management feature which unites lawyers’ internal knowledge documents with vLex’s collection of global legal information on a single platform.

After connecting their internal documents to vLex Cloud, vLex for Word users will be able to benefit from Vincent recommendations which include internal knowledge, allowing users to quickly find relevant materials from their firm or their own prior work.

vLex Cloud is a powerful transformation of the traditional research process. The ability to take advantage of this directly from Microsoft Word means users don’t have to engage with multiple platforms or tools to ensure all resources are being considered.

Reduce errors when drafting documents

To quickly determine if the correct material is cited in a document, vLex for Word automatically identifies citations and produces lists of cited cases and legislation, enabling users to check that the correct documents are cited. A user’s document can be enriched by adding hyperlinks to these citations, so they can be quickly accessed on vLex services in the future.

Researchers can save time checking whether their cited authorities are still current, as cases that have received negative treatments or pieces of legislation that have been repealed will be marked by an alert in the list of cited documents.

Robin Chesterman, Global Head of Product for vLex, discusses the launch of this new plugin:

“Finding relevant information is an essential part of the research process, but we know that people only spend a short amount of time on legal research websites. From students writing essays to legal professionals working with a range of documents, Microsoft Word is a big part of the daily process of a lot of people. We want our tools to be available where and when lawyers need them, and the connection to vLex Cloud means we are getting ever closer to providing users with an integrated world of legal intelligence at their fingertips.”

Use vLex for Word todayTo start using vLex for Word today, complete the form on vLex’s product launch page.

About vLex

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