Inspired by Women Leaders During Lockdown Ramona Pintea is Empowering Women with her Urban Queen Art


Ramona Pintea is a woman on a mission – to empower women through art.  As a self-taught artist with accolades from gallery owners and art collectors, she has received her greatest accolades during lockdown, from women around the world.

Inspired by an article in Forbes magazine about how seven powerful women leaders shone through the Covid-19 crisis she created a stunning series of paintings recognising every woman’s sovereignty.

The #UrbanQueen was born.

Ramona said: “Along with these seven ladies and other brave and determinate known figures, my inspiration is every woman who is a leader but is living in anonymity. Through my paintings, I want to bring every woman to spotlight who runs her household, raises her children, puts up with her boss, looks after her health, and shows strength and courage in her everyday life.”

Ramona shared her thoughts, her process, and her paintings online and was blown away by the response from women around the globe. Women who felt uplifted and inspired by her art.

Two #UrbanQueen series were sold out within hours of announcement and a NEW SERIES is ready to launch for Thanksgiving November 26th.

Ramona continues: “All of us need to be reminded of our inner royalty from time to time. Little slips along the way, small bumps of negativity, personal vulnerability and the crown can tilt

“Yet the ability to stand up, shake off, find inner strength and put the crown back to its rightful place is what makes us Queens. The ability to reincarnate this crown, to make it even more valuable and meaningful. And moreover, the ability to rock it harder than before, shinier than ever – purposeful as can be.”

Ramona asks her followers to name her finished paintings and titles such as ‘I was born ready’, ‘My crown my rule’, ‘Every day a queen’, ‘I’ve got this’, ‘All I need is my crown’, ‘Don’t f*** with me’ and ‘Whispering goddess’ give an insight into the many facets of the inner queen living inside every woman who responds.

Artist and Wordsmith

Ramona loves to share the thoughts and inspiration behind her Urban Queens and has written several articles which are available for publication:

There was no competition

How Ramona Pintea’s intention of clearing out her closets and deep cleaning her house during lockdown was usurped by a desire to paint, which led to the creation of a successful Urban Queen art business online that raised the morale of women around the world amidst the global pandemic.

It is time to feel Fabulous in your Feminine

Ramona reminds women to give to themselves as well as others, to replenish their energy and honour their true feminine selves through finding out what makes them feel fabulous. To feel fabulous is a special gift for the feminine and how it is felt is unique to every woman.

What happened when artist Ramona Pintea stopped establishment pleasing…

A story about looking within and discovering that you are enough, that dreams do come true and that it is never too late. From growing up in a communist dictatorship, through leaving home for London alone at 18, setting up and running two successful businesses, starting a family and then closing her business to follow her passion for painting, Ramona found her purpose.

How one woman’s vibrant expression brought hope, courage, and inspiration to many.

Ramona’s story reads like a true heroine’s journey and conjures scenes from a fairy-tale, as she makes her way through the dark parts, and keeps going until she finds the light of her own heaven in making art that inspires and uplifts.

How Artist Ramona Pintea has broken down the barrier between art and audience.

There is no doubt 2020 has been a tough year for many – but for British-Romanian artist Ramona Pintea, it has also been a year for coming together as a community and creating incredible art. Ramona’s bold and bright depictions of the “Urban Queen” have captured the imagination of thousands around the world. By inviting people to contribute to her creative process, the artist has broken down the barrier between art and audience. She has engaged deeply to draw out the story of the Urban Queen – a story of resilience, strength, perseverance, and self-love.


Art exists in every culture, and it is one of the longest known human activities from the Stone Age period. Today, art is no longer primitive, and painters are re-defining the world. Through creativity and spectacular paintings, artists have brought new energy to many residences. If you have been keen on modern interior design, you will not miss a piece or pieces of wall art. Painters like Ramona Pintea are in the front line not only to reconstruct your interior with magnificent masterpiece paintings but also to positively impact the world.

About Ramona

Ramona Pintea is an established artist, who works primarily in oils, with occasional forays into acrylics and mixed media. Her paintings provide vibrant colour and enduring character in private collections stretching from the USA to Norway, England to Canada, and Honk Kong to the Philippines.

Ramona’s work is a fluid fusion between abstract and figurative with one overriding purpose, the quest of self-discovery and empowerment. It is a bold, chromatic journey through key existential questions, emphasising the resilience, inner strength, and courage we are all able to summon when the occasion calls for it.

Her latest series of paintings ‘Urban Queen’ is inspired by the idea that we need women to play a greater role in shaping this world into a better and safer place. Ramona paints women in all their beauty, compassion. courage, vulnerability, and strength. She uses the crown as a symbol of strength and leadership that is worn not only by leaders of states but also by you, me, and every other woman.

The first two editions of Urban Queens created and released during the lockdown sold out fast and interest in the new collection – due later this fall – is even stronger. The creative spark is strong and new, exciting ideas will be released.

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