How to Improve Conversion Rate

It’s called conversion when a prospect becomes a lead or a customer. The conversion rate is the percentage of visitors that converted. While conversion rate may not matter much if your source of income is impressions on the ad, businesses that are selling a product or service need a good conversion rate to keep functioning. 

Marketers spend a great deal of effort and resources into increasing their conversion rate. However, you only need to strengthen the foundation and make sure you are not making any basic mistakes. 

Get Traffic from the Right Source

You won’t get a good conversion if the source of your traffic is not relevant. If you are getting people from a website that has nothing to do with your business, the chances are that visitors won’t take the decision of spending money right away. 

If you are running a local business, text message marketing is a great way to get quality visitors. You can use a text messaging service for business to make this process easy and efficient for yourself. 

Attract Relevant People

Create audience personas to know who you need to attract. If you attract a woman and you are selling men’s clothes, it is unlikely that you will get a customer. Learn about the demographics and interests of your target audience and invest in only investing them. This will not only make it easy for you to find them but also ensure that you use the right pain points to attract them. 

Deliver the Right Message

Advertisement and other tactics will bring you to potential customers, but the important phase comes after that. You have to use a few words to convince them. If you don’t deliver the right message, they will only ignore you. However, you also can’t mislead or oversell yourself. The prospect might click your link, but he won’t convert.

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