Sunstore Solar Launches WattGrid, a New Range of Turnkey Off-grid Power Systems

Sunstore Solar makes off-grid energy accessible with new WattGrid self-contained solar power generation systems.

Sunstore Solar, a leading solar energy specialist in the UK, announces the arrival of a new brand of off-grid solar power systems called WattGrid. A fully self-contained solar power unit that can be delivered, connected and be generating sustainable energy within hours.

The intent of the WattGrid self-contained solar power generation system is about more than just energy capacity. It’s also about ease of use.

WattGrid is the largest product launch in the company’s history and is the culmination of over a decade of experience and testing. The brand brings together the many components and complications of solar power generation and delivers them in an accessible, low-maintenance package that can be used anywhere.

WattGrid off-grid power systems have been designed from the ground up to be simple to install, easy to connect and to begin generating green energy in the shortest possible time. Systems can be lifted into place, moved when required and just need a stable base and connection to begin generating green energy.

The system simply requires connectivity to solar panels, wind turbine or generator and connecting to the property. Then it’s ready to go. It’s a very flexible way to generate sustainable off-grid energy for a variety of uses.

WattGrid solar power generation systems:

  • The WattGrid 1600 is perfect for smaller properties, workshops, home offices, caravans and weekend retreats.
  • The WattGrid 3000 is ideal for small off-grid homes, larger workshops or offices, site offices and outbuildings.
  • The WattGrid 5000 has been designed for smaller family homes, site offices, workshops and higher demand properties.
  • The WattGrid 8000 can supply a standard family home, small commercial or industrial building or other property.
  • The WattGrid 10000 system can deliver enough energy to power larger homes, multiple smaller homes, microgrids and larger commercial, retail or industrial applications.
  • The WattGrid 15000 is the largest solar generation system and is capable of powering multiple homes, microgrids, large commercial, retail or industrial buildings.

Each system comes as a complete self-contained unit installed within a powder coated weatherproof chassis. Each unit contains 48v batteries, charge controller, transfer switch and everything necessary to store and manage energy generated from renewable sources.

WattGrid systems can be installed quickly and require minimal maintenance. Each system can be supplemented by a generator and expanded with more batteries, solar panels or cabling.

Quick WattGrid facts:

  1. Generational capacity of between 1,600w and 15,000w of power.
  2. Requires only a connection to an energy source and the property.
  3. Fully self-contained units that can be installed indoors or out.
  4. Simple to install and movable with forklift or crane.
  5. Minimal maintenance requirement.

“We have designed the WattGrid off-grid power system to solve the primary pain points of customers who want to generate their own power”, said Thomas Twine, Technical Director at Sunstore Solar. “Namely complex installation, unsightly wiring and the need for an entire room for components. We took all those points and came up with a design that hides everything inside a self-contained unit that can be installed indoors or outdoors depending on the situation.”

“All WattGrid needs to begin operation is to be connected to the solar panels or wind turbine and a connection to the property. That’s it. After calibration and testing, the unit is ready to begin supplying usable energy. This is what makes WattGrid stand out.”

About Sunstore Solar

Sunstore Solar is a family run MCS-accredited solar power engineering and installation company based in Worthing, West Sussex. Sunstore Solar provides solar power kits, off-grid solar power kits, WattGrid generation units and everything necessary to generate renewable energy for caravans, campervans, boats, residential and business properties.

Sunstore Solar is dedicated to making renewable energy available to all. They sell DIY solar power kits for vehicles and properties and provide accredited installation services for the same. The WattGrid product range is their largest investment yet, designed to continue making off-grid renewable energy accessible to anyone, anywhere.

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