eToro: a short review of the famous broker

eToro has transformed the way that traditional money management and investment was done. They have been called revolutionary because they have opened the very exclusive world of trading to a much wider section of the population.

Thanks to eToro now anyone anywhere can trade in the market for either commodities, shares, CFDs, cryptocurrency, and Forex. But more than that, they have made the world of investing and trading comprehensive to many.

eToro was born in 2007 with the mission of making trading accessible to all. That’s what has kept the company moving forward to the more than 100 million customers it has today in 140 countries.

You can check this eToro broker review for a full detailed explanation of how eToro has become as famous as it is today.

eToro: a brief history

As we mentioned, it all started in 2007. The motto of the new company was to make the world of trading more accessible and open it to a much wider section of the population that may be till then found it hard to understand and even harder to get into it.

In fact, it all started with a very visual and intuitive platform that allowed users to see their investments and the market fluctuations in a very clear way.

In 2009, eToro launched a much more advanced trading platform that allowed literally anyone to trade financial assets online. This meant flexibility not seen before in the world of trading, making it possible for users to check the market live from their personal computers.

Later in 2010, eToro started working on Social Trading and the implication became obvious very quickly. It was the key to make investing and trading accessible to many more people. This was considered a revolution since now new users and complete beginners could access tools that let them copy or mirror more experienced traders’ strategies or actions.

Since 2012, the eToro trading platform is also available on your mobile phone, making trading even more accessible.

In 2013, eToro added stocks to its already wide variety of assets that can be traded on its online platform. In 2017, the same would happen with cryptocurrencies.

eToro seems to be constantly developing new tools always trying to make investing and trading in the markets, in whatever assets that maybe, more accessible to all people. Considering their massive success in the last few years, we can confidently say that they have achieved their original mission.

Why is eToro so popular today

eToro offers a lot of features that attract either new investors and experienced traders alike. It’s also considered a safe broker thanks to its licenses with the governments of the UK and Australia.

Social trading

This is one of the best features that make eToro so popular. It’s an attractive tool to be able to imitate other much more experienced traders and it gives the feeling of less risk when operating in the market.

Low costs and deposits

eToro has also the benefit of charging low fees for different operations. This attracts people that may otherwise be worried not only about the risk of trading in the market but also for cover charges.

The platform also has a requirement of a minimum of 200 dollars as a deposit, which again is lower than what other brokers may ask.

Demo account

Having the possibility to be introduced to the trading world without risking your money stare gry hazardowe za darmo means new traders can safely experiment with strategies and techniques, as well as learn how the market reacts. This means that those with no previous knowledge can be initiated into the trading markets gaining experience without losing their money.

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