Healthy Living and Loving Yourself by Anatoly Machulsky

Healthy Living and Loving Yourself by Anatoly Machulsky

Are you living healthfully; full of energy and vitality and enjoying your life in general? Or are you as sick and tired as ever, constantly battling the cycle of illness, getting older, gaining weight and feeling bad about yourself. Or perhaps you are just stuck in a rut, doing the same thing over and over again, maybe trying to improve your life, but reaching for the same tired old, same tired old and therefore you go round in a circle. You feel bad, you feel bad, you feel worse, you feel better. Tired of feeling worse? I promise to make things a little better for you. You are capable of so much more than you sometimes realise or allow yourself to be. So let’s give the Law of Attraction a chance, let’s view the world with an open mind and understand that good things can come from a good perspective. And our health depends upon it!

“We can be healthy and wealthy and loving but not healthy at the same time!” says Anatoly Machulsky. So what are the features of health and wealth? I would like to offer a working definition. Well! I think it should be based on a basic metaphysical belief that we are all perfect, abundant, spiritual beings in a physical body. So health, wealth and love are all expressions of one and the same universal energy that each of us is a part of.

I love the definition developed by the great physicists Henry David Thoreau “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” When someone in a position of seniority dies, I can imagine their song being sung by those who know the song and appreciate its beauty. Someone else will ‘decide’ the song -will it be ‘popular’ or ‘remarkable’? Well, we are all trying to reach the ‘realness’ in which we are most, the ‘end of ourselves’ – The Mionics – The Nu-man-flesh. It’s not possible to reach the ‘end’ without the journey and for us humans the journey is the ‘m meats’ and the ‘marmons of physical life’.

Health and Wealth are meaningful to us when we ‘ froth’ our physical world; when we cultivate and develop in ourselves what lies below the surface of the physical. I have always found that if a person takes a walk, and puts himself in nature, when he goes somewhere comfortable and at ease he will be more focused on what is behind the sensory plane. He goes deeper within himself what has always been there, until that time he was unconscious. He will eventually reach the source of his programming: the meaning. If you cultivate your sensory capacity, your ability to venture beyond, you will begin to see with your heart and to feel your way through your physical body.

Anatoly Machulsky explains: “As humans we need to learn to become adult like in terms of development, we need to apply to our life what we know from other fields, that means taking the wisdom that comes from animals as nature intended them to be. For us to first live a healthily physically, and mentally as well as emotionally, then we will be able to demonstrate these qualities.” Therefore by taking the eight second test and finding your emotional centre, and cultivating that your health relates to a spiritual connection with the Universe. When we relax and leave the humans behind there will be space where the universal meaning for health and wealth is waiting to reveal itself. We find the animals instinctively do this.

Health and Wealth and Love are universal truths that we can convey in a hypnotherapy session when we know how to access the meaning of these three terms. The only illness that is a pure waste is a lack of love, it is possible to attract the good health and wealth only if we are living in love, can be in love in fact. When we connect to the love, to the universe of the universe, we then can only experience abundance.

Meditation is a powerful way to attain this connection if you find yourself uncomfortable with the idea of meditation. If you do not believe in the existence of the universe because you say it is impossible, then meditation is certainly not for you, you would find it easier to believe. But if you do, it will instantly expand your perspective about your beliefs, and your programming can be questioned, understood and reprogrammed. And just as you learn how to walk, how to swim; when you can walk, this is the time to begin to fully develop your ability to hear your intuitive voice. So one of the most important aspects of health and wealth is to be healthy in spirit. We are all connected to the universe and when we have balanced our body, our mind and our spirit, we can then begin to attract and live the life of a person who has a healthy body and healthy immune system, and seeks wisdom and what it takes to achieve their goals.