Tips for Avoiding Garbage Disposal Problems

Is your garbage disposal regularly breaking down? Are you looking for ways to prevent this from occurring? Worry no more; we have got you. Here at Lex’s Plumbing, we know the need to have a fully working garbage disposal. 

Garbage disposals are an excellent way of keeping your kitchen free from waste and foul odors from it. Also, they are eco-friendly! But they still need care and proper maintenance to keep them in good shape. To help you prevent failures and other issues such as leaks, we offer leak detection services with your garbage disposal, you can follow these tips:

Learn to dispose of your waste well. 

A lot of problems with garbage disposal happen due to incorrect usage. If you understand how to use it well, then you can maintain it and keep it in working condition. Turn the cold water on over the garbage disp[osal; before starting to utilize it and leave it running. Leave the running water for about 15 seconds after the garage has done grinding. 

Use it frequently

To ensure all the components still function and are in working condition, you should at least use your garbage disposal as often as you can. If it has been days since you have utilized it and you still do not have any waste to remove, just keep the cold water on and turn on the disposal to get it working. 

Do not flush oil or grease down there.

It is not advisable to put leftover food, grease, or fat down your drains since it may cause a clog and the same thing for your garbage age disposal. The garbage disposal cannot break down food, fat, or grease. It may result in a clogged drain. There are many options for throwing fat or oil away; you can dispose of these things by putting them in a sealed container and dispose of them.

Do not put the wrong items at your disposal. 

Your garbage disposal is made to grind food scraps. Nothing more, nothing less. Some of the stuff that you should avoid putting in the drain include grease, oil. fat, large cuts of animal bones, and things that are made of metal, plastic, and glass. It is also best to prevent grinding any food that extends, like rice and spaghetti because they can block your disposal. 

Clean your garbage disposal frequently. 

Like any home appliance, your garbage disposal requires cleaning to keep it functioning well and get rid of foul odors. You can apply a degreaser or a particular disposal cleaner to keep it clean and odor-free. Placing ice cubes down the garbage disposal can make the inside of it clean. 

Use cold water when running at your disposal. 

Coldwater is best when you run your disposal. It helps prevent any oil or grease that have made their way down your drain from hardening and clogging your system. 

Have your garbage disposal replaced when needed

Garbage disposal issues will get more usual when it gets older. Homeowners frequently notice more garbage problems when they have had their garbage disposal for more than five to six years. Around seven years is the average life of garbage disposal, so you should think of changing it if your garbage disposal is older than that. 

Exercise cautiousness when recovering something from your disposal. 

If you unintentionally drop something at your disposal, be very cautious when trying to recover it. Ensure your system is unplugged before trying anything and try holding the object with a bent coat or plies instead of your bare hands. 

Cut Waste into Tiny Pieces

The blades and motor of your garbage disposal are powerful, so do not expect benefits if you feed it chunks of large fruit or meat. 

Cut your waste into tinier pieces, and only put a few at a time. Otherwise, your garbage disposal can overwork and jam or clog it- or worse, break it up. 

Grind Citrus Fruit

Coldwater and soap will surely go a very long way to maintaining your disposal tidy. Yet, once in a while, you can grind a peel of lemon, lime, or orange at your garbage disposal. It will leave a good smell. 

Why Wait? Contact the Professionals at Lex’s Plumbing!

If your garbage disposal is more than seven years, it could be beneficial to think about having it changed. It is time to keep in touch with the experienced plumbing technicians at Lex’s Plumbing. Calls an expert plumber at Lex’s Plumbing to consider the chance of installing a new garbage disposal. The money you can save on clogged drains may be worth it after all. 

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