Moving forward with No Pull Dog Harnesses during Covid 19

Wiggles and Wags, UK suppliers of quality products for your canine bast friend, including the full Truelove range of dog harnesses, collars, leads, coats, beds and accessories, report a major increase in online sales of dog walking products in response to the Covid 19 crisis. Harnesses and Truelove Matching Sets have been particularly in demand as new dog owners, in these days of social distancing, appreciate just how important it is to keep your dog under control at all times and prevent them from jumping up to strangers.

A surge in dog ownership in the UK, and a renewed interest in the health benefits of dog walking, has meant that many owners and their animals, both old and new, have been taking to the streets and fields. This has meant an increase in sales for that most vital component of a happy walk, the appropriate harness or lead.

As Andy Long CEO of UK suppliers Wiggles and Wags reports:

“Even though we obviously couldn’t do business at our normal outdoor events this year, we saw a significant increase in the number of online sales. More and more people want to get outside with their dogs and to do so safely.”

Many new owners find walking their dog or puppy a challenge, which is where a harness can help considerably. Of course a harness has to fit properly and this can be difficult to get right, especially with a new puppy, which is why Wiggles and Wags have also had a large increase in telephone enquires on this very subject.

Andy Long again:

“We are proud of our excellent customer service and we are always here to help with picking the right harness and walking gear, getting the right size, and making sure that it fits, to make life easier for both owner and dog. The last thing anybody wants during this time of social distancing is for their over-excited puppy to start jumping up at strangers!”

As part of their roadshows, Wiggles and Wags tested their dog harnesses, alongside many different customers, some with young dogs, some old, and a wide variety of breeds with varying levels of ‘pulling’ issues. They’ve also tested them with a standard lead attachment and then with double leads attached. Wiggles and Wags are now putting this expertise to good use during the Covid 19 crisis.

Andy continued:

“Double-ended leads can produce dramatic results, even if your dog has a real history of pulling, plus it’s great to have your dog turned out smartly. No surprise then that our best sellers have been the Truelove matching sets, with matching colours for harness, collar and leads.”

There is no doubt that a renewed interest in the pleasure of dog ownership has been one of the few positive things to come out of the current crisis. However, dog ownership is also a responsibility, both for your animal’s welfare and for the other people wanting to enjoy their walk as well.

And the last word from Andy:

“It would also be nice to say thank you to those people that have supported smaller businesses, like ours, during this time and to wish them all many happy, and safe, hours of dog walking.”

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