Local entrepreneur and director of ESE Group LTD Gary Fredson has gathered every resource available to give back to those who really need it this festive season. The ESE team will be collecting and organising food parcels that will go out to any home that needs it, not just in Liverpool city, but all the surrounding areas. What is different with this special initiative is that those struggling this Christmas do not have to turn up and collect their food parcel.

ESE Group’s staff will be delivering these parcels straight to their door in the build up to Christmas, including Christmas Eve! This option is available so that no family will have to worry about having to turn up, asking for food and waiting. The confidentiality of this service will hopefully mean that more people will be comfortable enough to avail of this wonderful project.

Having fallen on hard times himself, Gary has spoken openly and passionately about giving back to his community.  “I went through a very hard time back in 2011. With the financial crash in 2008 everything went downhill. I had my home, all my properties repossessed, and my car taken off my drive. Fast forward to 2011, I was missing direct debits for insurance, and struggling to eat. I was on Pot Noodles. There was no McDonald’s or eating out for me. Put simply, I was single and on the verge of destitution.”

However Gary turned it all around with a positive mindset, lots hard work and determination. Today he has built ESE Group from strength to strength and even with obstacles like the global pandemic, his company has persevered and has grown with 30% more staff being employed to this day.  “We’ve been working very hard to deliver green energy solutions all over the UK. While we are working towards a greener future and succeeding, we also want to give back to our local community who have been hit hard during this unforeseen pandemic. A lockdown can be a strain on anyone’s mental health without having to worry about feeding your family at Christmas added on top of that.”

The initiative #BigGiveBack will see over 1,000 homes receiving a food package directly to their door while following all government safety guidelines.

“Liverpool is a city that pulls together during the hard times. If the support isn’t there from the government to provide for those who need it most, you can be sure this incredible community will pull together to do its best to make sure nobody goes without. It’s been evident over the last few months and it won’t stop now. That’s why we’re doing this, we’re more than a business, we are a family who want to reach out and help our own.” For those who can spare it, ESE Group will be accepting donations from local businesses and the public of non-perishable goods to their office located in Speke. They will be extending their office closing times while the campaign is running to accommodate anyone who would like to donate, but may be working the standard office hours.

Please call 0151 665 0560 for further information. If you think you will need this support in the lead up to Christmas please click the link below where you can fill out a confidential form. Launch date was Friday November 20th and the closing date is December 15 th .

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