Aviation professional launches new artwork portal dedicated to motoring & aviation


Dallas, TX, USA; 10 December 2020 – A new curated art portal dedicated to motoring and aviation-inspired works has launched to support a growing community of talented artists in the space, and provide a marketplace for discerning motoring enthusiasts.

Air & Asphalt was created by Aviation professional and marketing executive, Lance Phillips with the aim of forging a link between the diverse crowd of speed devotees and meticulous craftspeople. The site has been built with pride by curators of technique, craftsmanship, and aesthetics.

The platform already has a substantial and fascinating collection of exclusive works including new art from renowned Formula One driver-turned-artist, Stefan Johansson. “Copse”, “Tosa”, and “Lucha Libre” are three limited and signed oil and acrylic pieces by Stefan currently only available via Air & Asphalt.

Phillips says, “In addition to Stefan, Air & Asphalt is always looking for new and emerging artists to promote. Our goal is to bring unique, sometimes exclusive pieces to enhance our motoring enthusiast audience’s lives. This year we have introduced Niki Byrne, a helicopter pilot, photographer, film maker and artist. Niki provides a dramatic perspective of California’s coast from her airborne vantage.”

In December 2020, Air & Asphalt will also release new works from artists, Lucy Aguiniga, Evan H. Senn, and Ryan Neeven.

Air & Asphalt welcomes those who desire the culture of thoughtful design,” explains Phillips, “We thrive in discovering the untold and telling stories from our motoring coterie. And we intend to display a deeper understanding of what makes our world move.”

Along with serving enthusiasts hungry for a unique brand of aviation, motoring and lifestyle-related works, Air & Asphalt will also be launching two new t-shirt and hat designs so fans can wear their passion with pride. All merchandise can be found at: www.airandasphalt.com/shop.

To view the exclusive collection of art, visit https://www.airandasphalt.com/

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