13 Tips to Enable You Find the Best Photo Booth for Rent

A photo booth is a fun way to get your guests to interact and have a great time at your wedding, social event, birthday party, or corporate event. 

There are so many companies that offer photo booths for rent, and you might not know what to look out for in making a decision.

I created this checklist to help you pick out the best photo booths for rent.

Photo Booth for Rent Checklist

  • Choose the Date

Once you’ve picked out a date for your event, you would want to check to see if the photo booth rental companies you are considering are available for that date.

Most companies require that you book their services two weeks in advance, but some can work out a suitable arrangement under short notice for you. Bigger outfits that have multiple photo booths available for rent may have more flexible rental options.

  • Experience

A rental company that has had experience handling your type of event is most likely going to provide a seamless service.

For example, if you’re having a wedding, check out photo booth rentals for weddings.

If they have an online portfolio or gallery, you might want to check it out to see how they handled previous events.

You could take it a notch further and search for reviews. How do their customers describe their service? Were they pleased with the quality of the photos they received? You can also look at the photo booth styles they offer.

  • Open-air Booth or Closed Booth

The choice to have an open-air booth or closed booth depends on you. Both photo booth types have their pros and cons, but you’d have to choose one that best suits your event.

In the end, you’ll have to consider the size of the event space in choosing a photo booth style.

  • Open-air Booths

The most significant benefit of an open roof booth is that it can accommodate many people for more exciting poses with friends.

They are also easily accessible to guests with disabilities.

You can choose to design the open-air booths to integrate the theme of the event.

  • Closed Booths

Closed photo booths have all the equipment inside a structure. The privacy a closed booth offers allows the guests to get more creative with their poses, giving you more exciting photos.

Once you’ve decided on the photo booth style, you can choose a photo booth rental company that offers that style.

  • Transportation costs

When you choose a photo booth rental company, you might have to make provisions for transportation costs. 

What I do is to search for photo booth rentals near me to reduce the cost of transportation. For instance, if you stay in Las Vegas, you could search for Photo Booth Rentals in Las Vegas, NV.

  • Prices

Photo booth rental price varies depending on the equipment and the quality of service.

If you’re on a budget, you might be thinking of the cheaper option, but less expensive doesn’t mean better. 

Trust me; I have had a few unpleasant experiences. 

You would still need to look at different photo booth rental prices and services delivered before you choose. I would recommend selecting the rental company with the best service delivery for the price. 

  • Customize

I highly recommend choosing a photo booth rental company that offers customizable booths. 

You can incorporate your business logo, themes, and props for a more personal experience.

  • Cameras

Imagine having the best time at your event and photo booth, but when the pictures arrive, they’re so blurry that you can hardly make out people’s faces.

To prevent this, we suggest that you look into rental companies that use Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras (DSLR). These cameras provide you with professional-grade photos. 

  • Light

Bright lights to make your pictures pop are a necessity.  Look out for the lighting system provided. Popular choices by photo booth rentals are either continuous light or flash.

You should know what lighting system will be best for your location. Generally, flash systems provide better illumination and better-quality photos 

  • Print Quality

It’s the digital age, and many people might prefer a digital album over a physical photo album.

If you’re more traditional and want to have printed photos, see that they offer high-quality pictures. Low-quality photos might fade and lose value over time.

You might want to request picture samples to be sure of the quality of the print. It would be best to confirm how long it takes for the pictures to be ready and the possible print sizes. 

You could double-check the number of photos that you can print. Having a copy of a picture of each guest in it would be ideal.

  • Time

First, you’ll want to find out how many guests you’re expecting. 

Once you have a number, you can estimate how many hours people will need to take several photos at the booth.

If you’ve never been to a photo booth or you’re having trouble calculating the estimated time, call them. That’s why a consultation is essential. 

Remember to make provision for setting up and removal. Some rental companies fail to tell you that they include the setup and removal time in the rental period.

If you fail to take note of this, you might lose up to an hour of the budgeted time.

  • Booth Attendant

Depending on the ease of operating the equipment, some photo booth rental companies provide a booth attendant. They can be valuable in creating an organized experience. You won’t have to fumble over the equipment.  

  • More Than Just Photos

If you want more excitement to your event, you might want to look into more than photo booths.

Photo booth rental companies can offer you exciting featured offers include GIF booths, slow-motion video, multi-camera array, boomerang booths, 360 videos, and custom photos & videos.

  • Virtual Photobooths

Covid 19 has us looking for alternative ways to spend quality time with each other and have fun. 

Add some sparkle to your virtual party with a virtual photo booth.  Make sure that the company you’re considering can provide quality service at your party.


Having your thoughts organized in a checklist can be helpful to ensure that your event proceeds as planned. Go over the list again to make sure that you’ve covered all bases before deciding on the photo booth to rent.