What Is A Boho Minimalist Bedroom? Everything You Need To Know

On paper, boho and minimalism are complete opposites. While minimalism is subdued and functional, boho is free-spirited and eclectic.

Yet, the two styles have come together and given rise to boho minimalism: a happy marriage between traditional elegance and unconventional artistry. Boho minimalist bedrooms capture the best of both these worlds by combining practicality with a flair of personality. Think pops of terra-cotta, unfinished wood, an abundance of plants, macrame wall hangings, and Persian rugs.

The best part about a boho minimalist bedroom is you’re not confined to one particular style. In fact, you have complete freedom to leave all traditional interior design rules at the door and create a space so distinctive to your personality that it transports you back to all your favorite places, memories, and experiences.

To create a boho minimalist bedroom, all the right elements need to be in place, from the top-rated mattress to unique decor. Get a taste of the trend by exploring some boho minimalist bedroom ideas to inspire your next makeover.

Mix Patterns and Textures

The minimalist design rulebook might tell you to steer clear of mixing patterns and textures, but this is where boho excels.

Much like the fashion trends of the 1960s and 70s, the boho design style embraces intricate patterns, bold colors, and varied textures. On their own, these elements could create a space that’s dense and maybe even suffocating. But boho minimalism strikes the perfect balance between clean lines and eclecticism.

First things first, establish your color scheme. Most modern minimalist bedrooms strongly favor neutrals, which also works well when you’re trying to incorporate striking boho elements. Off-white, cream, tan, and camel are all good color options.

Work with your color scheme as you start introducing patterns. For a more muted feel, opt for minimalist bedroom decor in the same color palette, but if you want to embrace the freeing spirit of boho, add bright pops of color to your room with jewel-toned pillows, rugs, and throw blankets.

The best place to layer different textures is your bed. Not only will it make your sleeping space extra cozy, but the addition of textures can give your room some dimension. To achieve this, simply layer a faux fur blanket or a patterned cooling blanket on top of your duvet.

Create Visual Interest

Introducing bohemian touches to your minimalist bedroom can be as easy as sprucing up your space with eye-catching decor. Though minimalism embraces the “less is more” philosophy, you can still add bohemian accent pieces, such as colorful rugs, ottomans, and wall art to embrace elements of both styles.

To transform your minimalist room, you don’t even have to make hefty investments; just find some creative DIY options. For instance, you can create your own macrame wall hanger, a chic jewelry tray, or even just accessorize your space with plants for a burst of freshness. You can also create an accent wall by painting it a warm color to retain the minimalism of the room, while still adding some personality.

Add Different Light Sources

Lighting is essential for any bedroom, regardless of the design style. Illuminate your boho minimalist bedroom with string lights, pendant lights, lamps, and candles. To capture the distinctive elements of boho decor, opt for a jute pendant light in an interesting geometric shape or a paper lantern.

Your bedroom should also feel airy and the best way to ensure that is by allowing enough sunlight into your space during the day. Installing linen curtains in lighter colors can usher in more sunlight.

Design a Gallery Wall

If your walls are bare and neutral, pile on the artwork. Hanging framed photos and art is an easy way to add color to your walls and create a space that’s meaningful to you. Try to find frames and pictures in different sizes and styles to design a statement wall.

Embrace Your Passions

When you’re trying to revamp your room according to a specific design style, you might overlook your own preferences, passions, and goals. But bedrooms are deeply personal spaces, and while it can be helpful to follow interior design rules to achieve a specific aesthetic, your room should mean something to you.

The boho trend is popular because it encourages rule-breaking. Apply the same principles to your boho minimalist bedroom and consider who you are as a person. What’s the memory you always revisit? If it’s an unforgettable trip to Madrid, pepper tokens from the city around your room.

Take a similar approach to the rest of your boho minimalist room decor to create a space that’s a true expression of who you are.

It might go against all the design rules, but at the end of the day, it’s your room and you get to decide what feels right or wrong for you. As a starting point, be sure to invest in a top-rated mattress and make a list of all the personal decorative elements you can bring to your boho minimalist bedroom.

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