Add Elegance To Your Bathroom With Crompton Geysers

Home decoration is a basic human desire, and the bathroom is no exception. Home décor helps us improve the standard of living and live a healthy life.

It will be in vain if the beauty feels just like a façade, and the room is unlivable and has a tundra climate during the winter. What you should aim for is elegance, not just commonplace beauty. Keeping your bathroom neat and clean is the first and the foremost tip of proper home decor.

However, you should also make sure that your bathroom is fully furnished. Even if you decorated your home in the best possible way, but your bathroom isn’t up to the mark, everything could go in vain. Besides adding beautification materials like sanitary tiles, you also require a hot water geyser that increases the beauty and the elegance of the room with its splendid technology.

Why Do You Need A Geyser?

It is a pain to get out of the warm blanket in the winter and rush for a cold water bath. Your room may be friendly and hospitable, but the water will make you freeze. Increase the elegance and temperature of your space with water heaters that look cool and dispense hot water for your needs.

Now that you have decorated your bathroom with expensive sanitary fitting and accessories, you also need to increase the level of comfort by using hot water geysers. Today, you can find trendy water heaters that can increase the beauty of your bathroom. However, it would help if you look at the following factors to choose the best geyser:

Water Heating

The most generic reason to purchase a water heater is its role as a hot water dispenser. Also, check if the water heating is up to the mark. You can try Crompton’s Instant Juno Water heaters, which are capable of dispensing hot water almost instantly so that you don’t need to worry about the cold weather anymore.

Even if you are living in a high rise building, this hot water geyser has your back. It can withstand 8 bars of pressure and provide you with hot water wherever required.

Rust Proof Body

A water heater is supposed to add elegance to your bathroom. But how can it maintain the beauty if it gets rusted? Hence, you must always seek water heaters with a rustproof body that can look brand new even after years of use.

Hot water Geysers are an expensive investment, and you want it to be up to the mark. Choose geysers that have a smart shield technology that protects its tank and other heating elements from corrosion.

Energy Efficient

Along with the elegant design and smart technologies, hot water geyser should also be energy efficient. Crompton water heaters have high-grade PUF foam insulation that ensures heat doesn’t escape from the water. It also makes sure that water remains hot for long and helps to reduce energy consumption. The smart energy management design allows the geyser to consume less energy and automatically stop consuming electricity whenever the water reaches the desired temperature.


Safety is the first and foremost factor you should keep in mind when fitting a geyser in your bathroom. You don’t want anyone to catch electric shocks from hot water geysers.

The hot water geysers from Crompton have an advanced 4-Level Safety that keeps measuring all the safety parameters. The hot water geyser also protects against electric shocks, overheating, and it also has an auto-shutdown feature during any malfunction.