CBD vs. CBG: How to Choose the Right Cannabinoid for Health

You would have heard about CBG by now. Though not a new cannabinoid, it has been an underdog all these years compared to THC and CBD. CBG has recently attracted a lot of interest because of the health benefits that it offers.

Many online retailers like Steve’s Goods have caught on to CBG at the right time. They have started to work with CBG to distribute it in different forms like CBG oil, edibles like gummies, slabs, isolates, and creams.

As CBG is the precursor to CBD, they have many similarities between them. The key differences lay in

  • Their concentration in the mature cannabis plants
  • Their molecular structure
  • The way they interact in the body

But how does the benefit of CBG stack up against the popular CBD? And how do you choose the right cannabinoid? Read more to find out:

So What Are CBGa And CBDa?

Cannabinoids are produced on the flowers of mature cannabis plants. Its function in plants is to protect them from extreme climates and pests. CBG in its raw form is CBGa (cannabigerolic acid), and it is the stem cell to cannabinoids like THC, CBD, and CBC.

CBG is usually present in low amounts in plants as the CBGa transforms into more abundant cannabinoids. In comparison, CBD is formed by decarboxylation of CBDa by heat.

Benefits Of CBD Vs. CBG

Like CBD, CBG also interacts with the endocannabinoid system in your body. Both compounds offer various health benefits that overlap each other.

CBD Vs. CBG – Which To Choose?

As there are many talks about the cannabis industry in various health and wellness spaces, many studies show that CBG has many benefits of its own when taken in any form like CBG oil, edibles, and creams.

With the current research available, there are a few ways in which both compounds can be used in some instances.

For Healthy Stress Response

CBG and CBD can help with stress management. Experiencing stress is not a bad thing on all occasions. Stress boosts reaction time and energy to help us during emergencies. But there are other factors like health issues, financial problems, or relationships that can cause prolonged or chronic stress, which has a negative impact.

When you fail to manage stress properly, it can cause various health problems. GABA is a neurotransmitter that reduces the stress response. Both CBG and CBD helps slow down the breakdown of GABA and helps induce relaxation and calmness. You can take both CBD and CBG oil in the right dosages to calm down when you are stressed.

To Boost Appetite

CBG is a better choice to boost your appetite. Lack of appetite is caused by hormonal changes, side-effects from medications, and other illnesses. It can cause fatigue, weakness, and other health issues.

For a healthier appetite, cbg oil is a better alternative to THC, which induces a psychoactive high.

For A Better Natural Inflammatory Response

Both CBD and CBG equally contribute to enhance your body’s inflammatory response. If your immune system is healthy, the immune cells scout your body for potential threats and act as a back-up to eliminate infections and threats when you are injured.

When there is a disruption in the normal inflammatory response, it can cause various problems. CBG can act on specific inflammatory markers that cause inflammation and reduce the signs of inflammatory diseases.

To Ease Discomfort & Support natural Recovery

Both CBD and CBG interact with various pain-receptors sites in the body to slow down the pain signals to the brain. It helps you relax the spastic or tight muscles and ease you from discomfort.

Body pain and discomfort can hinder your normalcy and come in the way of your daily activities. Discomfort doesn’t just stop with pain but leads to stress as well. Taking CBD or CBG products can drastically help with relaxation.

Bottomline: Which is the Best?

With overlapping benefits both types of cannabinoids offer several health benefits. Still, some reports show that CBG is more effective than CBD in treating certain conditions.

The best bet is to opt for a combined and synergistic benefit of either cannabinoids and consider oil or tinctures that contain both CBG and CBD. Experts like Steve’s Goods reckon that this combined approach will ensure optimal benefits for your health and wellness. However, if you are looking for distinct forms of CBG or CBD, you can also opt to isolate CBG products.

Every day, new information about CBG pops up in the news. As the knowledge of cannabinoids continues to increase, more and more uses and benefits of it come to light. Though CBD is the front runner, CBG is also on the stage to catch up with it and is on its way to the mainstream.

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