Landscaping Essentials Checklist.

Every homeowner needs to landscape their garden either themselves or by hiring a gardener landscaping company. Whatever option you choose to landscape your garden, the first thing you need to do is to create a landscaping essentials checklist.

All the landscaping companies have a checklist from which they ask you several questions before they offer a plan for your garden. If you choose to landscape your garden or balcony yourself, you need to create a checklist of landscaping essentials. This post shares some tips for creating a landscaping essentials checklist.

Purpose of Creating a Garden.

You should know the purpose of creating a garden. Think about whether you want to use the garden for sitting around with your family or spending time on weekends, or simply to improve the visual appeal of your home. Some people also use their garden to play outdoor games and dine occasionally. The plan and design of your garden should be made to fulfill the purpose of its creation.

Take an overview of your garden.

Take stock of your garden and determine your priorities for the landscaping project. Evaluate the existing shrubs and trees for their health. Take note of the desirable and undesirable views, sunny and shady areas in your garden. Decide the drainage patterns and find out the problem areas where the water stands still in your yard. Also, determine the potential locations for deck patios and walkways.

Landscape Plan.

It is essential to plan your budget and sketch out the entire work before actually doing it. You can make changes during the installation, but the sketch helps you make accurate decisions regarding the essential elements. Having an overall estimate of your landscape makes it easy to monitor the costs during installation. Plan the location for decks, patios, flower beds, shrubs, trees, and lawn areas.

Materials to use in your garden.

Decide what materials you want to use in your garden to create the elements and structures. Every landscape owner has a different choice and may choose different materials to create structures and visual elements. The common materials used in landscaping are concrete, bricks, gravel, flagstone, wrought iron, rock boulders, wood, steel, glass, and copper.

Structures and features you want in your landscape.

Decide the structures and features that you want in your garden. The most common features that homeowners install are pavings, steps, pathways, gazebo, deck, pergola, herb garden, water features, and outdoor seating.

Types of plants, shrubs, and trees

There are thousands of types of flowers, plants, and shrubs available to choose from for your garden. However, you should always choose the varieties that can flourish in your climatic conditions. Choose the varieties that grow well in the climatic conditions in your location. For example, flowers like dahlias grow well in cold climates, while roses and marigolds can also bloom in warm climates.

Call the professionals before beginning.

Before you start digging the ground to prepare your garden, check if there are underground utility lines that need to be flagged by the utility company to avoid accidents. Also, prepare a list of the materials and the quantities in which they are required. Set aside a staging area to store the tools, which makes the site look organized.


Fix the drainage issues, if any, before beginning the planting work. The construction elements and hard landscaping should be installed before planting the plants, shrubs, or trees. After planting the shrubs and trees, rake and roll the proposed grass area. Put the sod or grass seeds in your lawn and install an irrigation system for the new landscape. If you don’t want to install an advanced irrigation system, simply arrange a garden hose with some sprinkler heads.

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Final Words

Follow this landscaping essentials checklist to consider all the elements you need to create a beautiful garden for your home. Creating a checklist helps you to keep things organized and follow the right sequence. It also helps you to avoid missing important tasks and features that you want in your landscape. Following the tips in this post can help homeowners to create an effective checklist and create a garden that adds value to their property.

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