Creative Cubby Houses to Take Inspiration From

For a while, cubby houses have been making a comeback. And it is a good thing because it makes for the perfect private space for your kids to play. Cubby houses are mini-homes in the garden shed or a room where your children can play. It gives the children their private space, which they can use for imaginative play. It is an outdoor experience that keeps them busy and engaged for a long time. If you do not have one yet for your child, you should consider getting one. Why? Because it helps them learn to be independent. It allows them to care for their space and keep it clean and organized, which can come in handy. So, get one! And it does not have to be expensive. Finding cubby houses online that are cheaper and more sturdy is becoming easier. Also, you can make one yourself using inspiration from the internet. Or get a normal one and use your inspiration to make it a cozy and magical place for your kids.

Create a cozy cottage for them.

You can create a cubby house for your child that reflects a rustic feel, outdoorsy charm, and something special. For this, you may need to buy a cubby house. Fortunately, you can buy cubby houses online, preferably with a wooden one. A wooden one with paneled walls, a straw-thatched roof, and an earthy feel is perfect. Then you can use simple things to decorate it and make it extra special. For instance, use fairy lights inside and outside the cubby house to brighten the place. Use lace curtains and bright pillows or cushions inside to color the house. Making it a cozy cottage will appeal to the kids, and they can do so many things here. They can read, play, paint, and even study.

Hamptons-inspired cubby house 

Who does not love Hamptons-inspired houses? They are so chic and have a beach vibe. Your kid will undoubtedly love a miniature version of a beach shack. Create or buy a house coated in white with weatherboard panels, large windows, wooden chairs on the patio, and more. Add a slide to the cubby to make it fun for your child.

A fairytale palace 

A fairytale cubby house will be loved immensely by your little one. With these ideas, you can create a cubby house in so many ways, as the options are endless. For instance, you can have flag poles or craft turrets for the outside. Use cellophane sheets to create colorful stained-glass windows, which a palace must have. Paint the inside with the color of their favorite fairytale. For instance, if it is Frozen, go with blue and white, and you can add ready-made snow there too. With this, you can have ample time for a daily fairytale ramp walk.

A tropical paradise 

Take help from a local contractor to create a tropical paradise cubby house for your little one. It can have a built-in slide, a veggie garden that will teach your kids to care for produce, an outdoor seating area, and more. It will not be just a playground for them; they can do much with it. The possibilities are endless. They will love playing in it, for sure.

A cubby house in the tree 

A treehouse or a cubby in a tree is super fun to have. If your backyard has tall trees, you can create this easily. Also, with this, you do not need an extravagant house. You must combine wood panels or recycled materials to build a wall. To create a treehouse, the possibilities are endless. Make sure you add a ladder to climb the tree and reach the house. Your kid will have a private space and an adventure getting to it. Ensure the tree isn’t home to some animals to keep the kids safe.

Which one of these ideas do you love? Show them to your kids and get their opinion on what type of cubby house they want.