Best Outdoor Storage Cabinets For Safe and Worry-Free Storing

If you have a small space at home, storing outside is the best option. One concern in keeping outside is the different weather conditions that might cause your items becoming rusty. Storing your garden materials will also need an outdoor storage cabinet for easy access when you need to use it. 

There are a lot of storage cabinets available in the market. You need to check each brand’s quality and price. You need to consider the budget first before deciding to buy anything, also space because some cabinets are big and will eat a lot of space even if you place it outside your house.

Rubbermaid Storage Shed

If you need extra-large waterproof outdoor storage cabinets, this mini-cabin like from Rubbermaid is the best option. You can store large garden equipment or tools and even bicycles in this storage. One of the best features of this storage is that it is enclosed and has double-walled construction.

This storage material is made from durable plastic that will not rot or rust compared to metal or wood material storage cabinets. It can also be locked for added safety of the items inside it. The size is 7×7 feet and with a dimension of 81x81x91 inches inside.

Leisure Season Storage Sheds

If you want to have storage that will match your outdoor space’s rustic look, then this shed is ideal. This is made from solid wood material and is best to place or store your wooden logs to be used in the fireplace. It features to dry out logs you keep and help reduce moisture for easy burning of the wooden logs.

The sturdy construction of this storage shed was crafted from Cypress trees, a known solid wood that is best for furniture. This storage shed has a slanted roof design so the rain will not go inside. Using this storage will add a natural vibe to the overall look of your garden or patio.

Keter Cabinet

This cabinet is made from a resin material that is durable and easy to maintain. It also has four adjustable cabinets that will store different sizes of tools or equipment and carry 44 pounds weight per shelf. The compact design of this cabinet will protect the items you store from dust and other elements.

YAHEETECH Outdoor Bench Table 

One struggle of garden enthusiasts is repotting. It may sound easy, but you need a proper table and chair to avoid your plants’ damage. This workbench is the best solution for those who need a cabinet for your garden tools and a chair and table all built into one.

The countertop is made from steel material for easy cleaning, especially when there’s soil, but overall the material is 100% fir wood. Besides potting use, you can also use this in various ways like another plant stand, storage for photos, and grill in your patio or balcony. The simple design and natural material of this workbench will surely be everyone’s favorite.

Algreen Ergogarden Deck Box and Planter

The garden planter is elevated for more comfortable use and features wooden cabinets under it. One of this item’s best features is that it has a self-watering planter with an overflow drain. If you want a storage cabinet that is very convenient to use, even sitting or standing, this is your best option.

Suncast Molded Wall Cabinet

If you want a sturdy and durable quality of cabinets, this Suncas brand wall cabinet can be used for a long time because of its metal material. You can store any equipment on this cabinet, and the shelf can hold up to 50 pounds. The black color of this cabinet adds a classic touch to your patio or garden space. 

Keter Portable Outdoor Table and Cabinet

This cabinet features an adjustable height and portable, which is best for your outdoor use. This is made from a resin material that will guarantee to survive in any weather conditions like rain, heat, etc. You can also use the sidebars to store tissues and four hook holders. It has wheels so you can put this anywhere you like. 


Outdoor storage cabinets are necessary if you want a clutter-free garden or patio. If you also have kids, this will help you keep it away from them and avoid injuries. You can also choose your design to match the overall look of your outdoor space. Depending on your need for storing and what you store, consider the material.

If you have a small outdoor space, opt for cabinets that will fit all your equipment without adding one. For people who want to stick with their garden or patio’s natural vibe, you can choose the storage cabinets that are made from wood material. Thus, like any other furniture, this will add vibrance to your space.