Why You Should Take Postpartum Exercise Easy

Life takes a 360-degree turn after you deliver a baby. And justifiably so! The body carries a human baby for nine long months, then one day, it pushes it out. So, there will be immaculate changes in your body due to this sudden shift. If you’re thinking of reverting to the workout routine that you followed before conceiving, take a pause. Now that your body is significantly different, you’ll have to take things easy in the postpartum period.

How early can you start exercising after working out? 

First things first, get whatever the doctor says ingrained in your mind. Since no general rule applies to all body types, you can start working out sooner than the other moms or vice-versa. So, never compare your case with somebody else. Doctors usually recommend six to eight weeks before jumping into any physical activity.

Once that waiting period is over, you must begin on a lighter note. Resist the urge to do too much too soon. Listen to your body and let it guide you. It’s essential to remember that the hormonal and structural changes you experience during pregnancy don’t just disappear with the baby’s birth. Instead, in some cases, it becomes too intense.

So, our advice? Start Slow. Go for low-impact workouts. You can start it all by taking walks and east post-parties exercises before you opt for a run or HIIT. With time, gradually increase your intensity. But be sure to stop when you feel any signs of pain.

But above all, stay realistic. You cannot return to your regular exercise routine right after childbirth. Be patient with your body, as it takes time to heal. And if you are a newbie looking forward to burning all the baby weight, remember like regaining strength, building muscles, and achieving cardiovascular fitness takes time.

Postpartum Exercises and Why they are important 

Because you have to carry a baby and later push it out, your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles have a lot of work to do while pregnant. Hence, they are at their weakest after childbirth. And these very same groups of muscles help you stabilize your body while you go on with your daily activities. Again, these muscles are the essential muscles while you are exercising.

So, after pregnancy, you should focus on regaining strength in these muscles. Postpartum exercises do that exactly. They help you prevent future complications like incontinence and, in worse cases, pelvic organ prolapse.

What should it include? 

A Postpartum Exercise routine can include the following.

To strengthen your pelvic muscles, you should opt for kegel exercises. Similarly, to Co-ordinate your core and breath, you can go for Belly breathing.

If you want to improve your cardiovascular fitness and gain muscles as an extra per, starting with walking or controlled running on a treadmill is your best bet.

But be sure to choose the correct equipment for postpartum exercise. Go for only the best weight, high-quality kegels, and best treadmills in Australia 

How will exercising affect your breastfeeding? 

Generally, it is believed that once you start exercising or high-intensity workouts, the quality of your breast milk starts to deteriorate. This is generally due to the lactic acid buildup, and the babies hate the taste and can fall sick.

But this is a misconception. It may happen but in the rarest of rare cases. As you take up exercises after childbirth, initially, the workouts do not involve running, jumping, weightlifting, or anything intense. So no worries at all.

But gradually, as you move to a healthy fitness level and start moving, rest assured that it has no severe effect on breast milk.

But you are still advised not to exercise will full breasts. Use a pump or feed your baby before you work out, as it can be uncomfortable otherwise. Using a pump is always preferable.

Nevertheless, if in doubt, we still got you a checklist of do’s and don’ts to help you.

  • Do not hesitate to drink plenty of water.
  • Go for a supportive bra that fits snugly. (Avoid too tight or too loose.)
  • Do gradually increase your exercises and workouts
  • Don’t exercise with full breasts to avoid discomfort ( pump it out before a workout)
  • Don’t stress.


Postpartum exercises can push you to return to your form after giving birth. You can slowly and gradually get back to your active life. But take a note not to be hasty at all. Your body will gradually return to a better form as you take baby steps. Take care!