3 Major Causes of Driving Accidents During the Winter and What You Can Do to Stay Safe

Drivers mitigate risks by understanding the most common causes of auto accidents that cause injuries and serious property damage. An accident can happen in a split second and will change the life of the driver and others involved. The trauma of a car accident could be lasting for the victims and present serious life challenges that lead to disabilities or even death. Traffic laws require the drivers to complete tasks to lower the risk of the an accident, and if they violate the law, the driver could face penalties, including jail time. Victims of these accidents can also file a lawsuit to collect compensation.

  1. Distracted Driving or Texting and Driving

Distracted driving or texting and driving are becoming serious problems in the US, and more accidents happen because drivers are texting or too concerned with social media. Younger drivers are at the greatest risk of an accident even though they receive several warnings and see the outcome of accidents caused by distracted driving. It has become a serious problem that causes an increase in injuries and fatalities on the roadways.

More states are moving toward new laws that prohibit drivers from using their smartphones when driving, and some jurisdictions require drivers to use hands-free services to manage phone calls. However, it is texting that could present some difficulties. Even with hands-free options, the driver could become distracted by listening to the text messages and responding instead of paying closer attention to the road.

A general rule of thumb is to place the phone inside their handbag or close it inside the console. This takes the phone out of their sightlines and helps the driver stay focused on the roadway and traffic instead of seeing or hearing notifications arrive. The practice could prevent them from grabbing their phone to check it and becoming involved in an accident. If the driver receives calls frequently, an effective option for mitigating risks would be to set up the phone to announce their calls.

If the incoming call cannot wait, they can use hands-free options to answer it through their stereo system, and then they can pull off the road to complete their call without placing themselves or others at risk. Corpus Christi personal injury lawyers discuss ways to prevent accidents and what victims can do if they are injured in an accident.

  1. Driving While Intoxicated

Driving while intoxicated leads to hundreds of accidents each year, and the drivers could face more profound criminal charges if they cause an auto accident with injuries. If the victim dies as a result of the accident, the drunk driver could go to prison because they choose to drive their car after they became intoxicated. State laws penalize the driver under criminal laws, and they could face penalties such as jail time, fines, and license suspensions. The victim or their family could file a lawsuit against the drunk driver for compensation for their financial losses, too.

When considering ways to avoid accidents caused by drunk driving, the driver has several options for preventing these circumstances. They could stop drinking and wait several hours before leaving the nightclub or location where they were drinking. The person could set up an appointment for an Uber driver or a taxi to pick them up from their preferred bar or nightclub.

Some people choose to go out to nightclubs in groups and have a designated driver. If all members of the party decide to drink, they could set up a car service that accommodates them all and takes them safely to their preferred location. Each of these steps can prevent an auto accident and keep the person or others from becoming injured. By planning ahead, the driver can avoid driving their own vehicle out and avoid a DUI. They can also call a friend to come get them if they unintentionally become intoxicated while they are out.

  1. Exhausted Driving

Commercial drivers are the greatest demographic that is at the highest risk of accidents involving exhausted driving. This is why the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has strict regulations that reduce the potential for exhausted driving. All commercial drivers are required to take a resting period after any 12-hour driving shift, and they must create a log that shows what hours they were on the road.

If an accident happens, the commercial driver must present their driving log to officers that are reviewing the cause of the accident. If the driver drove the vehicle longer than allowed, they can face penalties, and the trucking company will be deemed at fault for the accident. If the driver has taken any controlled substances or consumed alcohol, they could face criminal charges, too.

In an 18-wheeler accident, the officers must conduct more extensive investigations for the accidents, and they must determine if any additional factors apply. This could lead to more penalties if the drivers didn’t follow the laws and regulations. The drivers could also lose their job if they have violated the law or company policies.

The most effective practices for avoiding exhausted driving is to abide by the law and get plenty of rest. They can also eat a healthier diet and avoid stimulants that lead to irritability and sudden crashes in energy levels. By abiding by the laws, they avoid penalties and the drivers won’t suffer severe consequences. They can also avoid more negative outcomes and avoid auto accidents altogether.

Auto accidents have a vareity of causes, but the most prominent of these include DUI, exhausted driving, and distracted driving. By following traffic laws, the drivers can avoid auto accidents and reduce risks on the road. Common causes for auto accidents can be avoided, but the driver must follow strategies to keep them out of circumstances that lead to accidents and cause injuries to themselves and other parties.

Drivers must take responsibility for their actions and understand that it is their choices that cause accidents and harm others. When reviewing common causes, the driver must consider learn better ways to avoid auto accidents and protect themselves and others.

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