What are Dumper Trucks Used For? 

Dumper trucks (also known as dump or tipper trucks) are used anywhere in the supply chain of building and construction industries where there is a need to move loose materials from one location and “dump” them in another. This could include such loads as construction aggregate, gravel, sand, asphalt, klinkers, snow and wood chips, building debris etc. Used dumpers for sale can be found all over the UK.

How Dumpers Work

Dumper trucks work by using hydraulics to raise the back of the lorry to an almost vertical position, so that the load literally slides by way of gravity to the floor. A standard dumper has a truck chassis with a dump body mounted to the frame. The bed of the truck can be raised by a vertical hydraulic ram mounted under the front of the body, or a horizontal hydraulic ram and lever arrangement with the back of the bed hinged at the back of the truck. The tailgate can be configured to swing up on top hinges and sometimes also fold down on lower hinges, or it can be arranged in the “High Lift Tailgate” format whereby pneumatic rams lift the gate open and up above the dump body.

The Main Benefits of Dumpers

Dumpers save manpower and time; making small work of big heavy loads that would otherwise have to be shovelled by forklift or hand and transported by other means. Their main benefits are listed below:-

  1. They can handle any load with ease!

A dumper with the appropriate load capacity makes moving earth, debris and other loose materials an easy task; bulldozing through building and construction projects to save you time, energy and manpower that can be put to use on other jobs. They are a convenient and money-saving method of making short work of heavy, bulky or difficult loads.

  1. From small to large

Dumper trucks come in all shapes and sizes; hauling small, medium and large loads over a range of surfaces and at reasonable speeds and running costs.

  1. Dump trucks are rarely down in the dumps!

Dump trucks are low maintenance. Just get in them and get them straight to work! The hydraulics do not require daily greasing, and the electronic monitoring of fluid levels means they need servicing only when it is truly necessary. A happy truck means less time in the service bay and more time doing what it does best – moving loads for you, which improves efficiency and those all-important profit margins!

  1. They retain their value

If you are going to keep a dumper long-term because it will be in daily use, then it may make sense to buy new. However; purchasing a quality second-hand dump or tipper truck can make just as much sense because it will not depreciate as much in value over as short a period of time. Either way, a dumper truck can be a valuable asset to your company on many levels.

Improving the speed and efficiency of operations

“Efficiency” is the keyword to hold in mind for any company wishing to operate a dumper on their site, because the higher the efficiency, the higher the production and profitability of the business. Any time the machine is standing idle or being unused is a gap in the efficiency cycle, so to ensure the speed and efficiency of operations it is important to pay attention to maximising cycle time. The quicker a dumper is loaded and on the road to dump its cargo – the faster it can return to be loaded with another.


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