4 Most Popular Luxury Destinations to Visit in 2019

Although a holiday is meant to be a relaxing experience, the actual planning of it can be a stressful one. If you haven’t already started your holiday planning or are in the middle of scouring the internet for possible destinations that would work for you, then you are in luck.  We have taken the liberty of researching some of the most popular destinations to visit this year.

Mykonos, Greece

The island of Mykonos has a lot going for it.  It is famous for pristine beaches, making it perfect for those of you looking for some rest and relaxation.  That’s not all there is to enjoy there though.  You will be able to find lots of nightlife for those of you who like to indulge in some partying or even a nice cocktail. Little Venice has become increasingly popular as a little neighborhood in Mykonos that looks much like the Italian city.  You will find lots of cosmopolitan restaurants and bars, great for sipping on some nice win or cocktails.  The town has lots of beautiful little hidden streets and boutique shops for you to explore.  There is lots of culture to immerse yourself in and sightseeing to do in Mykonos.  It has fantastic churches, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is said to be where Apollo was born and more.  With all this to do, it’s no wonder Mykonos is so popular. If you are looking for some luxury accommodation, there are some great villas in Mykonos that many people choose over hotels.  We’d recommend checking out the villas in Mykonos from this provider.  BlueVillas are an award winning company and have a stunning range waiting for you to explore.

Barcelona, Catalonia

Barcelona is incredibly popular for foodies.  You will find lots of authentic food, and you can enjoy it all in small little plates “tapas” so you can get a taste of everything.  Places such as the Baluard Bakery are fantastic finds and is arguably the best bakery Spain has to offer.  There are over 30 kinds of breads for you to choose from as well as lots of other tasty treats.  Las Ramblas is possibly the most famous part of Barcelona.  It’s one of the longest streets you will ever walk down and is packed full of local markets, street performers, and a fantastic atmosphere all-round.  Barcelona has lots of scenery to enjoy perfect for a romantic getaway.  Some of the incredible sunset spots include Tibidabo, Las Arenas and the Castillo de Montjuic.

Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and is packed with things to do for both tourists and locals.  One of the best things about the capital city is that it isn’t seasonal, there are things going on all year round.  For nature lovers – there are lots of parks and forests to explore such as Maksimir which is the largest and oldest public park in Zagreb, it’s also where the town zoo is.  There are also some great farmers markets to visit for those of you who want to get a taste of the local culture.  You will find anything from fresh fish, to souvenirs, to bars and restaurants.  One of the most popular to visit in Zagreb is Britanac.  Coffee lovers will be happy to know that Zagreb takes their coffee seriously.  You will find lots of places where you can sit sipping your cup of coffee and simply watch the world go by.  There is so much to do in Zagreb, we’d recommend you staying there for a few days at least.

Venice, Italy

Venice is definitely a destination to consider if you are planning on going on a romantic trip somewhere.  Where else could you go on a gondola ride with a glass of champagne in hand with someone serenading you?  Venice is known for the iconic canals that paint quite a romantic picture.  The Grand Canal is home to many beautiful, authentic Italian restaurant where you can enjoy amazing food and wine.  Or you can even indulge in an Aperol Spritz if you fancy.  If you really wanted to overindulge you could go to Harry’s Bar where they invented the Bellini.  Venice is also known for the amazing views, scenery and architecture.  When you visit portions of the city such as St Marks Square, you will encounter the Basilica, Bell Tower, the Palace and more – all surrounded by canals.  If you really want the best view make sure you climb up the bell tower.  There is usually a bit of a queue, but it is well worth the wait.  You will be able to see a panoramic view of Venice, as well as take in a bit of history too.  As well as being an increasingly popular destination to visit – it’s also a very popular wedding destination.

If you are thinking of booking a trip year, but not quite decided where to go – hopefully this list of destinations will help you on your way to making an informed decision.


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