Top Tips for Holiday Packing

Once you have bought your tickets and booked your hotel rooms the last thing to do is pack your luggage for your trip. This can seem like the toughest part especially if you have no clue on where to begin. But follow our helpful tips for easy and stress-free packing.  

Limit your liquids

We all know the drill by now, and yet there still seems to be plenty of confusion when someone tries to sneak a deadly bottle of volatile contact liquid past airport security. Not everyone is fully aware that pan-European baggage restrictions state that the only liquids allowed on the flight are those restricted to a mere 100ml per container, and then only what will fit into a 1-liter transparent bag. If you are carrying anything larger than this you may want to have this stowed in a suitcase.

Bring some just-in-case medications

You will not need to prepare for every sickness in the book, but you may want to pack a few basic medications that will keep you feeling well during your travels. This can be whatever you will need to beat a headache, climate fevers and upset stomach as these are the three most common ailments to strike on an extended voyage. You find it easy to pick up medications for your ailments at home, but these same medications could require prescriptions to obtain. This is especially true for allergy and asthma medication, so be prepared and bring what you need with you.

Name tags are there to help

Unless you are some sort of secret agent and must hide your activities from the prying eyes of Spectre operatives, name tags are there to make your trip easier. Most suitcases come with special compartments that allow you to place your name tags. This will make it much easier for you to recover your luggage if your airline happens to misplace your baggage.

Observe restrictions on luggage

Always carefully read the fine print on the luggage weight limitations and make sure what you have packed is suitable for flight.

If your airline has said “23kg” weight limits, then they truly mean this! You will want to weigh your luggage beforehand or you may be asked to pony over some extra cash to lubricate the wheels of industry or you may have to open your luggage and relocate some items to carry on to make sure you are within the correct weight limitations.

Skip the shoes

How many pairs of shoes will you actually need for this trip? This depends largely on the type of holiday you will be taking and what type of activities you plan on engaging in while you are there. We believe that three pairs of shoes is more than enough to suit any variety of activities. But even more importantly that volume is versatility, if you bring three pairs of dress shoes, what will you wear to the beach, on a hiking excursion or for an extended walking tour of the city. Make sure you wear the most cumbersome pair of shoes during your travel and then stuff socks in the others to save as much space as possible.

Cosmetics – at a minimum!

Unless you are planning on getting stranded on a desert island, you will probably find plenty of necessary cosmetics available at a good price in the location you will be visiting. So don’t bother carrying shampoo, sun lotion and other toiletries with you. Try only to bring with you what you will absolutely need.

Don’t forget the adapters

This is something you should consider buying before you go on the trip to avoid the outrageous prices from airport vendors.

Keep on rolling

This is a debate as old as the original Silk Road. But we highly recommend rolling clothes and fabrics as this keeps them from being creased and can allow for the greatest amount of packing space.

Save bag space for all your holiday purchases

Never a good idea to pack your bags to the limits as there is a good chance you will be returning with more than you brought. Make sure you leave plenty of space for this, or pack an extra bag.

Be careful with any breakables

If you will be packing anything that will break easily, such as glass or porcelain, you should take care and wrap them in bubble wrap and place them between your clothes to ensure that they arrive in one piece. If you can, make sure that you handle your luggage yourself as no one else will exercise the same amount of care that you will when packing and moving your bags.

All valuables go in hand luggage

It is very rare that airlines lose luggage these days, but it still happens. In any case it is always a good idea to bring those valuable and irreplaceable items with you in your hand bag that should never leave your sight or even your arm’s reach.

Bring an extra set of clothes on board

If you do have extra room in your carry on, you should carry an extra set of clothes for the flight. You never know what will happen, but your suitcase could be lost and you may need some clean underwear and clothes for an extra night while your bags are recovered.

Check the weather before you go

Never leave home without an umbrella.  Especially when you are staying at home in Scotland 2021. You should check the overall weather conditions of the location you will be visiting before you leave. Knowing what type of weather conditions you will be facing in your destination will allow you to dress and pack accordingly — of course, meteorologists are known for being inaccurate in their predictions, so take their information with a grain of salt.    

Don’t leave home without the essentials

Never leave home without checking your travel essentials. Before you step out of the door, you will want to check and recheck that your travel documents, wallet, phone and keys are in their proper locations. Make sure these items are exactly where you can find them at all times.

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