Top Tips for Planning Your Next Family Vacation

After a year of being separated from loved ones, the idea of finally reuniting is something that everyone is looking forward to. While getting together at each other’s houses is always a pleasure, to mark this occasion, why not plan a big family vacation together instead? It’s the perfect way to make sure everyone gets a change of scene after being stuck at home for the majority of the last 12 months and a great excuse to pack up your things and take a break. If this sounds like an appealing idea to you, below are some tips to help you plan for it.


The big question is, where should you all go? While flying abroad might be an option, some people might be nervous about taking long-haul flights, and restrictions are likely to still be in place in some countries, which might make your choices a little less broad. Traveling cross-country to another state, or even finding an idyllic spot in your home state, might be the better choice. In addition to this, it’ll likely be more affordable, so everyone in your family should be able to work this trip into their budget.


Once you have decided on where to go, the next step is securing accommodation that is big enough for all of you. Staying at resort hotels is one option, and these can be ideal for a family vacation as usually there is a lot to do on-site, especially for younger kids. Alternatively, you might prefer to have a bit more privacy as a family, in which case renting a cabin in the woods or a coastal home for you all to share could be the better option. These villas in Orlando to rent are perfect examples of this style of accommodation and can add a touch of luxury to your trip.


Another thing to keep in mind when planning a family vacation is making sure there are plenty of things for you all to do together. When selecting your destination, consider what attractions there are nearby so you can plan a few day excursions during your trip. Theme parks, zoos, and museums are all things that are ideal for family groups with children. Staying near places of natural beauty with a lot of different hiking trails could also be a good option, particularly if you’re family is keen on the great outdoors. Finding some great restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops are also things you should try to be close to during your trip.


As you’re going with extended family members, it’s important to acknowledge that you might all be working with different budgets. Although money can be a sensitive subject, you need to determine a spending limit that everyone is comfortable with before you start booking flights, hotels, etc. If you’re in charge of organizing the trip, contact each person in the group privately to ask them what their preferred budget would be.

It’s time to make up for all of the lost opportunities to get together during 2020, and even if things still aren’t quite there yet, making plans for a family vacation later this year is a great way to boost your spirits and give you all something to look forward to.