Tips to Plan a Family Trip to The Smoky Mountains

Nature teaches us lessons on survival by forcing us out of our comfort zones and shutting down all digital devices. It offers that primitive experience that challenges us physically, mentally, and emotionally. Technology has already deprived our children of the experiences we’ve enjoyed in community playgrounds and street cycling races. Devices and games have engulfed these youngsters that adults don’t understand. A family adventure is a terrific idea to steal away their devices without playing the villain. The Smoky Mountains offer an abundance of adventures and enriching experiences. Whether you’re planning a family adventure or an educational trip, it’s the ultimate destination.

Here, take a look at some practical tips to plan a fabulous family fiesta in the Smoky Mountains:

Plan an Itinerary

The Smoky Mountains offer a plethora of adventures and attractions that will entice you from all directions. Instead of feeling lost and confused, and spoilt for choice, start your trip with a solid itinerary.

The Smoky Mountains region is brimming with theme parks, museums, outdoor adventures, and hiking trails. Planning an itinerary will help you stay on budget and make sure you enjoy the best the region has to offer. You can always schedule a flexible itinerary that leaves room for last-minute changes and spontaneous plans.

Nestled in the Heart of Nature

Choose an accommodation present in the heart of nature. The region is famous for spectacular and luxurious cabins that offer breathtaking views of scenic vistas and picturesque mountains. The landscape surrounding the opulent Gatlinburg Cabins is gloriously magnificent, and the accommodation is high-end and intensely comfortable for families.

Children growing up in metropolises and cosmopolitan neighborhoods often struggle to adapt to rural and remote locations. Shutting off the Wi-Fi is enough to turn them into fishes struggling to breathe out of water. How can you add meaning and authenticity to their lifestyle with a trip to the Smoky Mountains? Help them venture into the wild with a comfortable mountainside cabin that allows them to feel one with nature. Discomfort can often destroy children’s experiences, so ensuring their comfort is a great way to turn them into nature lovers.

Take the Road Less Traveled

Most travelers believe that the Smoky Mountains are all about Gatlinburg, and there’s nothing beyond that deserves exploration. Take the road less traveled with your family and explore nearby destinations that offer worth-visiting attractions. Some incredible destinations include Pigeon Ford, Cades Cove, Maryville, Rockford, Sevierville, and Townsend.

Be sure to research each destination to understand the kind of experience they offer and whether it aligns with your trip. You can read up travel blogs to learn from other travelers’ experiences and recreate their favorite memories.

Dollywood: The Ultimate Theme Park

Children love theme parks, and Dollywood is the ultimate destination to explore if you are heading towards the Smokies. Dollywood is a world-class theme park that entices both children and adults with its whimsical and thrilling entertainments. It’s a heavenly abode for thrill-seeking who enjoy action-packed roller coaster rides and exhilarating water slides. Be sure to ride the Lightning Rod, the fastest wooden roller coaster in the world!

Dollywood holds regular events and live music performances featuring local artists and cultural music. You can catch a spectacular concert featuring Appalachian-style musicians and artists. The experience is majestic and culturally enriching. You can also see artisanal demonstrations of precious handicrafts, blacksmithing, and glass-blowing.

This theme park combines a fun adventure with a learning experience to invigorate and inspire young minds. Be sure to check the schedule online for events and music performances.

National Parks & Nature Trails

If you’re traveling across East Tennessee, you get to explore an abundance of outdoorsy adventures and nature trails. It is home to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, a magnificent destination for nature lovers and thrill-seekers. Nature trails are a spectacular way to help your kids get outside their comfort zones and challenge themselves.

Walking the inclined pathways of a mountain teaches one a great deal about patience, dedication, and consistency. These are life-changing and mind-altering lessons. The National Park is brimming with family-friendly beginner trails that lead you to scenic spots for a delightful picnic.

If hiking seems challenging, you can always take bicycles and ride up to the waterfall. It’s also a terrific destination to camp. It introduces your little ones to the beauty of sleeping under a blanket of stars. The Park is always blooming with wildflowers, and the breathtaking mountain scenery cleanses the soul with contentment.


We cannot stress enough research and planning significance when going on a trip to the Smoky Mountains. There’s so much to do, see, and experience. Hence, having a solid plan is the best. With a little bit of research, you can enjoy experiences that are off-the-grid for mainstream travelers. For instance, you can pick your vacation dates to attend fun festivals. The Great Smoky Mountains beckon travelers and cultural enthusiasts with exciting beer-making festivals and Scottish games. Hot air balloons and bluegrass festivals are also insanely popular.

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