5 TikTok Video ideas to help you win engagement

TikTok has taken over social media and how! It has proved that it is here to stay. From viral TikTok challenges to huge advertising campaigns by high-end brands, it has something to offer to everyone. 

Even with some of the best sites to buy TikTok views available for use, it is important that you keep producing quality content to keep your viewers engaged.

If you are a TikToker looking for some fresh ideas that will help you gain engagement on TikTok, then look no further! Here are some highly engaging TikTok ideas to help you get the most views!

  1. Get Personal by Showcasing Your Everyday Routine

There’s nothing more intimate than showing your daily routine to your followers. This forms a sort of deeper connection and will help you gain engagement on TikTok for sure!

Your fans will feel closer to you and feel like they really know you. This will increase your brand value and authenticity as well.

It can be something as simple as your morning espresso routine or even choosing what to wear for the day. Anything that gives an exclusive, never-before-seen look into your life can be a real engagement booster.

If you’re a singer, make sure there’s an element of singing involved, or if you are a stand-up artist, you can give a funny voice-over to your TikTok. This will ensure that your brand is being recalled efficiently.

  1. Educate Your Viewers

Contrary to the popular belief that TikTok is an app for silly little videos, it’s actually a stunning platform for sharing educational content and making your users more aware. Apart from using some of the best sites to buy TikTok views, sharing informative content is a great way to get more views.

A few specialists have constructed enormous crowds by making TikToks about informative content like the cons of cosmetic surgery and nutritional benefits of certain food products.

For specialists in any field, TikTok is the ideal spot to create awareness amongst the youth of the entire planet. With TikTok, you have the power to educate people all over the world, you might end up helping somebody with valuable information which they otherwise wouldn’t have had access to!

Your viewers will come back to you with questions and even share your TikToks with others, this is a sure-shot way of gaining engagement on TikTok!

  1. Create Duets with Influencers

There are numerous ways in which you can approach influencers to meet your objectives. You can request them to make a TikTok on your hashtag challenge to increase your popularity. Permitting them to upload content from your own account can help advance brand awareness. It will be beneficial for both of you if you can get the influencer to promote your content on their feed as well. This will get you more exposure and help you gain engagement on TikTok.

When you collaborate with an Influencer, they can make great content for you that is bound to pull in more TikTok comments and increase brand awareness at a much faster pace. Influencer advertising is exceptionally valuable and will help you increment your reach and promote your videos.

  1. Vlog Vlog Vlog!

Going for a vacation or a social event? There’s nothing better than taking your viewers along with you. Vlogs would exponentially increase your engagement with your viewers! Vlogs will get you a lot of views, however, you can also consider using the best sites to buy TikTok views as an added advantage.

Vlogs are essentially visual blogs and they have consistently proven to be one of the best methods to gain engagement on TikTok. Viewers love to see authenticity and vlogs are all about being real. Invest time in learning how to create superior quality vlogs and show your fans that you are actually making an effort to produce good content.

You can also take advantage of vlogging and promote your brand subtly throughout the vlog. For example, if you own a clothing brand, you can make sure that you are wearing your own brand’s clothing throughout the vlog to leave an impression on your viewers’ minds! This is bound to grow your brand awareness and get you more exposure.

  1. Post Content That Will Inspire Your Audience

Sharing inspirational content with your viewers will definitely help you gain engagement on TikTok. In today’s world where there’s so much negativity around, your viewers will find your inspiring content to be like a breath of fresh air. They will be bound to follow you and leave comments on your TikTok. Your TikToks will be bringing a smile to your fans’ faces and there is nothing more beautiful than that!

While inspirational content is incredible for mental awareness creators and business visionaries, it can also very well work for a brand. When conceptualizing your TikTok, keep your brand’s vision, mission, and core values in mind. When you come up with content that revolves around those, your TikToks will definitely resonate with your brand as well as your viewers. 

If you are looking for an extra boost you can also check out the best sites to buy TikTok views.


Remember that TikTok is essentially a light and fun social media platform. So, you do not need to think a lot about creating content that looks highly professional. All you need to do is be real and be YOU!