Top 5 Hatchback Cars In India

Hatchback cars are popular passenger cars in India as it’s an affordable, well-built car with stylish rooflines and modern designs. Nowadays, you can explore an impressive array of hatchback cars available in all shapes and sizes. Before moving to India’s top five hatchback cars, learn which features make Hatchback cars popular in India. 

Features Of Hatchback Cars

  • Ideal for use in cities: A hatchback can be the perfect mode of transportation for a family living in urban areas. More efficient fuel efficiency, fewer costs for maintenance, and more spaces make the vehicle easier to use for everyday usage. The compact yet spacious car can easily navigate the city streets and helps to transport your baggage.
  • Simple to learn: As hatchbacks have a shorter bonnet, drivers will get a clear view of the endpoint, which minimizes the risk of a frontal collision. The hatchbacks are also easier to park.
  • More efficient fuel efficiency: They are lightweight and better fuel-efficient.
  • More Affordable: Hatchbacks generally cost less than sedans, making hatchbacks more prevalent in emerging countries like India and Brazil. In addition, the resale value of hatchbacks is higher than Sedans.
  • Easy To Use: They are more practical because of the car’s compact dimensions. The hatchback is generally simple to navigate during traffic. It is ideal for you in areas where parking spaces are abundant.
  • Larger boot space: Sedans generally have a larger boot space; however, they have certain limitations. The boots on sedans have limited storage space because the bulky or abruptly shaped luggage cannot fit in. However, the rear gate of a hatch can be wide enough to allow an enormous amount of luggage. Additionally, you can add extra space simply by folding the seats in the rear. An example of this is Honda Jazz which allows the folding of seats to create more storage space.
  • Resale value: Many buyers also consider the car’s potential resale value while buying a new vehicle. Two-box cars have a higher resale value than sedans most of the time. The demand for hatchbacks is higher than for SUVs and sedans in India.

The Top 5 Hatchbacks In India

There are a lot of models in the market which meet the criteria of the best hatchback cars in India. These cars strike the ideal equilibrium between performance, power, cost, and long-term durability. So, if you’re seeking the top list of the top Indian hatchbacks, let’s continue.

Renault Kwid

If you’re looking for a family vehicle that looks huge yet is compact and has outstanding performance, the Renault Kwid is it for you! It’s a budget-friendly hatchback with cabin features like luxurious leather upholstery, ample storage space for 280 liters of the boot, a LED digital instrument cluster, and many more. Apart from the attractive options, Kwid can also fetch you a reasonable personal loan rate if you decide to use an installment loan to finance the purchase.

Maruti Suzuki Swift

A cult and recognizable hatchback model found on Indian roads; The Maruti Suzuki Swift has often been described as the perfect family vehicle. It’s spacious, fuel-efficient, and cost affordable. It is a family vehicle that has received numerous awards for its superb drive performance. It is available in vibrant colors, giving it a sporty appearance and feel. Reach out to your nearest Maruti Suzuki service center or showroom today. It is available in diesel and petrol models; you can purchase one with a manual or an automated gearbox.

Tata Altroz

If you’re looking for a high-end hatchback, choose the Tata Altroz. Although it’s more expensive, it is equipped with cabin amenities. Tata provides Altroz with diesel and petrol versions, and the capacity of the engine for all models is 1.2 1 liters up and up to 1.5 liters. The brand new Altroz is a strong, stylish, comfortable, and attractive vehicle that looks intelligent driving on Indian roads.

Maruti Suzuki Wagon-R

The list of the top hatchbacks in 2022 would be incomplete without the Wagon R. It is a classic favorite of many Indians and foreigners; there isn’t another extra spacious hatchback than the Wagon R on road price in this price bracket. The new Wagon-R is BS-VI certified and has an elegant tall-boy style. These features ensure an easy and pleasant driving experience for taller people who are usually uncomfortable driving in low-slung hatchbacks. It is available in diesel or petrol versions and equipped with factory-installed CNG technology. 

Hyundai Grand I10 NIOS

With a powerful 1100cc engine available in diesel and petrol variants, the Hyundai Grand I10 NIOS is an ideal purchase for lovers of hatchbacks in India. According to the model you prefer, it is available with either a manual or an automatic gearbox. The I10 NIOS gives you a fantastic urban driving experience due to its tight turn radius and quick maneuverability. The hatchback is equipped with 4 cylinders and 82bhp, and it is the best choice for those who want powerful and efficient fuel consumption.

Now, you know about the best hatchback cars available in India. You can opt for the one which suits your needs and budget. Moreover, you can replace your old car with a new one through car exchange offers.