Top RZR Performance Upgrades You Need

Getting a Polaris RZR is a considerable investment but will let you enjoy more time outdoors, and in style. Any model of RZR that you invest in will be a high-performing machine that will give you years of fun and thrill.

An RZR can be driven for thousands of miles before it starts showing signs of age. However, you could always consider sprucing your vehicle up to ensure that it lasts you a long time without breaking down.

There are many RZR parts that you can use to get your vehicle to perform and feel better. When you’re looking for performance upgrades that can make your RZR more custom-fit to your riding style, here are some factors to consider.

Performance Upgrades Depending on Your RZR Model

Depending on what model RZR you own, there are varying upgrades available. Not all vehicles are built the same, so what may be lacking in one model won’t apply to all others.

There is a diverse range of parts and performance upgrades available for each model, and which ones you end up getting will depend mainly on your personal preference and budget. Different upgrade components can enable you to have better performance and comfort.

Before you begin investing in upgrades for your RZR, you must be familiar with your vehicle. You should know what parts you want to upgrade and what results each upgrade will have on your vehicle’s performance, comfort, and handling.

When you have thorough knowledge about your vehicle, you can make better decisions about the upgrade components it requires.

Investing in Better Tires

While the tires that come with your Polaris RZR can be ideal for many types of terrains, you may be looking for a more customized option that enables you to speed through whatever terrain you’re planning on driving on.

You may be confused about what tire size you need for your RZR. Many Polaris RZR owners have recommended getting 30 inch or 32-inch tires. These tires will be able to combat any fenders or other obstacles with ease, thus minimizing the shock.

The size of the engine can also be a factor when you’re determining what kind of tires you need. You want to ensure that the weight and size of the tires don’t end up over-stressing your axle and other engine components, as this can be counterproductive.

Getting Aesthetic Upgrades

When you’re considering jazzing up your vehicle, you can’t forget the essential RZR parts, the ones that make it look so visually appealing. Getting a customized job on your Polaris vehicle can make a significant difference in how polished and personalized it seems.

While you can build your own RZR, it may end up costing you significantly more than what your budget. Conversely, getting a basic model and adding aftermarket customizations can help keep the cost low while ensuring quality and improving performance at the same time.

Upgrading Steering and Suspension System

Each RZR owner has different preferences regarding how they like their steering and suspension system to be. While some prefer a steering system that gives them absolute control, others may be okay with a bit of drift and flexibility.

You can get optimal shock upgrades and other RZR parts to enhance your vehicle’s steering and suspension. When you’re looking for the ideal components, be cautious and don’t fall for cheap dupes that can end up ruining the performance of your vehicle.

Changing the Internal System

You can look to change things such as the air filters, sway bar, belt temperature gauge, and so on when you want to ensure top performance. While some can introduce better speed and stability, others help make your ride smoother.

However, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you would be better off getting the upgrades and replacements installed by a trusted professional, as doing it wrong is bound to affect your vehicle’s performance.

Ensuring Safety

Safety upgrades are sometimes completely overlooked when considering plausible RZR upgrades. While you may feel like they’re not that important, they can make a significant difference when you’re in unfamiliar surroundings.

From getting better harnesses to keep you in your seat, to replacing the cage to be more durable and comprehensive, there are tons of safety upgrades you can consider.

Depending on how many passengers can sit in your RZR, the type of harness you should consider can differ. Ensure that it gives comprehensive support, especially in the event of a crash.

Get Upgrades That Will Enhance Your Riding Experience

Finding the ideal upgrades to enhance your RZR riding experience can be tricky when you’re unaware of what upgrades are suitable and necessary. The more familiar you become with your vehicle, the better you’ll understand what needs to be fine-tuned, thus helping you decide on which upgrades to make.

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