Jaguar XJ Series: What Model Offers the Best Value?

When you see the iconic Jaguar badge emblazoned across the front of a sleek and attractive car you instantly know that you are seeing the best of British Engineering design and luxury in action.

Visit a Jaguar dealer and you will be spoiled for choice. The XJ series represents the epitome of what this famous car maker stands for. That makes it hard to decide which model offers the best overall value.

Jaguar’s statement luxury sedan ended production in 2019 after almost 50 years of being the standard bearer for luxury and automotive excellence. If you want to buy a used version of this luxury model, which year’s model offers the best value?

The 2015 version offers great value for money

The 2015 XJ model is a noteworthy contender for a number of reasons. The average price you will pay for a 2015 model is about a third of what it cost new.

That represents serious value when you consider that this model is very similar to Jaguar’s latest offering, with a few exceptions. Technology has moved on since this XJ model was released. That means features such as parking assist, Apple CarPlay or traffic sign recognition are not an option with a 2015 XJ model. If you are happy to do without these tech features you are still getting a great car for your money.

More tech options but serious savings with the 2016 XJ

A year is a long time in technology. That means that some of the tech features missing on the 2015 XJ are now available with the 2016 model.

Parking assist and traffic sign recognition are now an option with the 2016 model, although CarPlay is still not available with this version.

The 2016 still boasts an impressive array of modern tech and safety features along with styling that keeps it current. You could buy a high-quality vehicle for the price of something far less impressive if you opt for a 2016 XJ.

The 2019 XJ model is much like buying a new car

If you can find a dealer offering a 2019 XJ that has low mileage the chances are high that you could be seeing an opportunity to acquire a very impressive model that has much of what a new XJ has to offer but at a much lower price.

There is a good chance that you could end up saving north of $13K if you can find a used 2019 XJ that has mileage under the average of 11K.

Of course, you can’t get a brand new XJ these days, as they have stopped making them. However, buying a 2015 model is the closest you are going to get to replicating that experience.

When you look at how much car you can get when you buy a used XJ model it makes the idea of owning one of these famous luxury cars even more attractive.

If you want to own a piece of motoring history and want to enjoy a driving experience that is luxurious and thrilling, any of these XJ models highlighted will be able to fulfill your ambitions.